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What is "TAC" ? - 201 meanings and definitions

What does TAC mean? The acronym TAC has 201 different meanings.

TAC stands for 201 thing(s):

  1. TAC: T cell activation
  2. TAC: Table assignment chart
  4. TAC: Tacaribe
  5. TAC: Tachykinin
  6. TAC: Tacrolimus
  7. TAC: Tactical
  8. TAC: Tactical Access Controller
  9. TAC: Tactical Advanced Computer
  10. TAC: Tactical Air Centre
  11. TAC: Tactical Air Command
  12. TAC: Tactical air commander
  13. TAC: Tactical Air Control
  14. TAC: Tactical Air Controller
  15. TAC: Tactical air coordinator
  16. TAC: Tactical Air Navigation
  17. TAC: Tactical Assessment Cell
  18. TAC: Tactical command and control
  19. TAC: Tactical Command Post
  20. TAC: Tactical Communications
  21. TAC: Tactical Computer
  22. TAC: Tamworth Anglican College
  23. TAC: Tanners Association of Canada
  24. TAC: Tantalum Carbide
  25. TAC: Target Acquisition Console
  26. TAC: Target Amortization Class
  27. TAC: Target Analysis Center
  28. TAC: Target Assembly Completion
  29. TAC: Targeted Amortization Class
  30. TAC: Task action commitment
  31. TAC: Task Assignment and Control
  32. TAC: Teach Advise And Counsel
  33. TAC: Team Around the Child
  34. TAC: Technical Activities Committee
  35. TAC: Technical Advisory Commitee
  36. TAC: Technical Advisory Committee
  37. TAC: Technical Advisory Committees
  38. TAC: Technical Advisory Council
  39. TAC: Technical and Agricultural College
  40. TAC: Technical Approval Certificate
  41. TAC: Technical Area Committee
  42. TAC: Technical assignment control
  43. TAC: Technical Assistance Center
  44. TAC: Technical Assistance Centre
  45. TAC: Technical Assistance Committee
  46. TAC: Technical assistance contract
  47. TAC: Technical Assistance Coordinator
  48. TAC: Technology Access Center
  49. TAC: Technology Accreditation Commission
  50. TAC: Technology Advisory Committee
  51. TAC: Technology Assessment Center
  52. TAC: Technology Assessment Committee
  53. TAC: Technology Assessment Conference
  54. TAC: TEI Assignment Control
  55. TAC: Telecom Architecture Consultancy
  56. TAC: Telecomms Appreciation Course
  57. TAC: Telemetry and Command
  58. TAC: Telemetry and Command Computer
  60. TAC: Telescope Allocation Committee
  61. TAC: Television Advisory Committee
  62. TAC: Teller Acuity Card
  63. TAC: Teller Acuity Cards
  64. TAC: Telnet Access Card
  65. TAC: Template Alignment Cube
  66. TAC: Temporary abdominal closure
  67. TAC: Terminal Access Circuit
  68. TAC: Terminal Access Control
  69. TAC: Terminal Access Controller
  70. TAC: Terminal antrum contraction
  71. TAC: Terminal Area Charts
  72. TAC: Terminal Association Control
  73. TAC: Terminal Attachment Council
  74. TAC: Terminal Attack Control
  75. TAC: Terminal-Aggregator Communication
  76. TAC: Terrain Analysis Center
  77. TAC: Test Access Card
  78. TAC: Test Access Circuit
  79. TAC: Test Access Control
  80. TAC: Test Access Controller
  81. TAC: Test Analysis Controller
  82. TAC: Test And Configuration
  83. TAC: Tested Additive Chemicals
  84. TAC: Tetracaine, adrenalin and cocaine
  85. TAC: Tetracaine, adrenaline and cocaine
  86. TAC: Tetracaine-adrenaline-cocaine
  87. TAC: Tetracycline, epinephrine, cocaine
  88. TAC: Texas Accelerator Center
  89. TAC: Texas Administration Code
  90. TAC: Texas Administrative Code
  91. TAC: Texas Agricultural Commission
  92. TAC: Tharawal Aboriginal Corporation
  93. TAC: That aingt cool
  94. TAC: The Analysis Corporation
  96. TAC: Therapeutically achievable concentrations
  97. TAC: Thermal Air Cleaner
  98. TAC: Thermal Analysis and Control
  99. TAC: Thiophilic adsorption chromatography
  100. TAC: Thomas Aquinas College
  101. TAC: Thrashing-Avoidance Cache
  102. TAC: Threat Adaptive Countermeasures
  103. TAC: Threshold aggregating concentration
  104. TAC: Throttle Actuator Control
  105. TAC: Thrust Assymetry Compensation
  106. TAC: Thrust Asymmetry Compensation
  107. TAC: Timber Association of California
  108. TAC: Time Allocation Committee
  109. TAC: Time Amplitude Converter
  110. TAC: Time And Charges
  111. TAC: Time at Completion
  112. TAC: Time average concentration
  113. TAC: Time averaged urea concentration
  114. TAC: Time to Amplitude Converters
  115. TAC: Time-activity curve
  116. TAC: Time-activity curves
  117. TAC: Time-to-Amplitude Converter
  118. TAC: Timing and Address Counter
  119. TAC: Titanium Aluminum Carbide
  120. TAC: Tokyo Automatic Computer
  121. TAC: Topcon America Corporation
  122. TAC: Total abdominal colectomy
  123. TAC: Total Access Communication System
  124. TAC: Total Accumulated Cycles
  125. TAC: Total accumulated cyclestmttactical air control/command
  126. TAC: Total Adjusted Cpaital
  127. TAC: Total aganglionosis coli
  128. TAC: Total allergen content
  129. TAC: Total Allowable Catch
  130. TAC: Total antioxidant capacity
  131. TAC: Total antioxidative capacity
  132. TAC: Total antioxidn. capacity
  133. TAC: Total Available Carbohydrates
  134. TAC: Total average cost
  135. TAC: Totally Accurate Clock
  136. TAC: Tourism Advisory Council
  137. TAC: Towed Acoustic Countermeasure
  138. TAC: Toxic Air Contaminant
  139. TAC: Toxic air contaminants
  140. TAC: Toxicant Analysis Center
  141. TAC: Traceability And Configuration
  142. TAC: Trade Advisory Council
  143. TAC: Trade Advocacy Center
  144. TAC: Trading Agent Competition
  145. TAC: Traditional Alphanumeric Codes
  146. TAC: Traditional Anglican Communion
  147. TAC: Traffic Accident Car
  148. TAC: Training Accreditation Council
  149. TAC: Training advisory committee
  150. TAC: Training Advisory Council
  151. TAC: Training and Awareness Conference
  152. TAC: Training, Advising and Counseling
  153. TAC: Tranlator-Assembler-Compiler
  154. TAC: Trans-Anti-Cis
  155. TAC: Trans-Atlantic Cable
  156. TAC: TRANSAC Assembler Compiler
  157. TAC: TransAlta Corporation
  158. TAC: Transcriptionally active chromosome
  159. TAC: Transfer At Cost
  160. TAC: Transformable Artificial Chromosome
  161. TAC: Transformation-competent artificial chromosome
  162. TAC: Transformer Analog Computer
  163. TAC: Transient amplifying cells
  164. TAC: Transient aplastic crisis
  165. TAC: Transistorized Automatic Control
  166. TAC: Transitional Advisory Committee
  167. TAC: Translation Accomodation Coefficient
  168. TAC: Translator-Assembler-Compiler
  169. TAC: Transnational Auditors Committee
  170. TAC: Transplant aspiration cytology
  171. TAC: Transport Accident Commission
  172. TAC: Transport Advisory Council
  173. TAC: Transport Association of Canada
  174. TAC: Transportation Account Code
  175. TAC: Transportation Acquisition Circular
  176. TAC: Transportation Advisory Commission
  177. TAC: Transportation Association of Canada
  178. TAC: Transverse aortic constriction
  179. TAC: Trapped Air Cushion
  180. TAC: Trauma Association of Canada
  181. TAC: Travel Assistance Center
  182. TAC: Treatment Action Campaign
  183. TAC: Treaty of Amity and Cooperation
  184. TAC: Tri-Service Tactical Digital Communication System
  185. TAC: Triamcinolone
  186. TAC: Triamcinolone acetonide
  187. TAC: Tricarboxylic acid cycle
  188. TAC: Troop Action Council
  189. TAC: Trp-lac
  190. TAC: Truncus arteriosus communis
  191. TAC: Trunk Access Code
  192. TAC: Trunk Access Control
  193. TAC: TST Applications Center
  194. TAC: Tumor-associated cells
  195. TAC: Tunneling Association of Canada
  196. TAC: Turbot Air Cargo
  197. TAC: Twin Astrograph Catalog
  199. TAC: Type approval code
  200. TAC: Type of Activity Code
  201. TAC: Type of Address Code
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