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What is "SAC" ? - 290 meanings and definitions

What does SAC mean? The acronym SAC has 290 different meanings.

SAC stands for 290 thing(s):

  1. SAC: IATA code for All Airports, Sacramento, California, United States
  2. SAC: IATA code for Sacramento Executive Airport, Sacramento, California, United States
  3. SAC: S-allyl-L-cysteine
  4. SAC: S-allylcysteine
  5. SAC: Saccharin
  6. SAC: Saccharin preference
  7. SAC: Saccharin solution
  8. SAC: Saccular
  9. SAC: Saco-Lowell
  10. SAC: Sacral
  11. SAC: Sacramento Area Office
  12. SAC: Sacramento District Office
  13. SAC: Sacramento Kings
  14. SAC: Sacrifice
  15. SAC: Sacrum
  16. SAC: Safety Action Council
  17. SAC: Safety advisory committee
  18. SAC: Safety Air Cushion
  19. SAC: Safety Assessment Code
  20. SAC: Saguaro Astronomy Club
  21. SAC: Saint Anselm College
  22. SAC: Saint Augustine's College
  23. SAC: Salicylamide Compound
  24. SAC: Sample Analysis Chamber
  25. SAC: San Antonio College
  26. SAC: San Antonio Continuation
  27. SAC: Sandia auxiliary closure
  28. SAC: Sanger Academy Charter
  29. SAC: Santa Ana College
  30. SAC: Sapphire Anvil Cell
  31. SAC: SASCO Airlines
  32. SAC: Satellite Access Controller
  33. SAC: Satellite Application Center
  34. SAC: Satellite Application Centre
  35. SAC: Satellite Applications Centre
  36. SAC: Satellite de Aplicaciones Cientificas
  37. SAC: Satellite de Aplicaciones Cientifico
  38. SAC: Save A Card
  39. SAC: Scaled All Correlation
  40. SAC: Scanning Angular Coordinates
  41. SAC: SCE Access Control
  42. SAC: Scene of Action Commander
  43. SAC: School Advisory Committee
  44. SAC: School Advisory Council
  45. SAC: School Age Children
  46. SAC: School-Age Care
  47. SAC: Science Activity Centre
  48. SAC: Science Advisory Committee
  49. SAC: Science Advisory Council
  50. SAC: Scientific Advisory Committee
  51. SAC: Scientific Advisory Council
  52. SAC: Scottish Agricultural College
  53. SAC: Scottish Agricultural Colleges
  54. SAC: Scottish Arts Council
  55. SAC: Screening and acute care
  57. SAC: Seasonal acute conjunctivitis
  58. SAC: Seasonal allergic conjunctivitis
  59. SAC: Second Axial Carrier
  60. SAC: Secretarial Advisory Committee
  61. SAC: Sectional aeronautical chart
  62. SAC: Security Applications Center
  63. SAC: Security Assistance Command
  64. SAC: Segmental allergen challenge
  65. SAC: Segmental antigen challenge
  66. SAC: Segmented attenuation correction
  67. SAC: Seismic Analysis Code
  68. SAC: Self Assessed Clearance
  69. SAC: Self-Aligned Contact
  70. SAC: Self-Assessment of Communication
  71. SAC: Semi-Automatic Coding
  72. SAC: Senate Appeals Committee
  73. SAC: Senate Appropriations Committee
  74. SAC: Senior Acquisition Course
  75. SAC: Senior Action Committee
  76. SAC: Senior Advisory Committee
  77. SAC: Senior Advisory Council
  78. SAC: Senior Advisory Councils
  79. SAC: Senior Advisory Counsel
  80. SAC: Senior Agent in Charge
  81. SAC: Senior Air Coordinator
  82. SAC: Senior Aircraftman
  83. SAC: Sequencing and Application Controller
  84. SAC: Serous adenocarcinoma
  85. SAC: Serum aminoglycoside concentration
  86. SAC: Service Access Code
  87. SAC: Service Access Codes
  88. SAC: Service Access Connector
  89. SAC: Service Access Control
  90. SAC: Service Access Controller
  91. SAC: Service Activation Controller
  92. SAC: Service Agent Connection
  93. SAC: Service Area Code
  94. SAC: Service Area Computer
  95. SAC: Serving Area Concept
  96. SAC: Serving Area Concepts
  97. SAC: Serving Areas Concept
  98. SAC: Settlement Advisory Committee
  99. SAC: Sexual Addiction and Compulsivity
  100. SAC: Shared Aperture Component
  101. SAC: Shelf Alarm Card
  102. SAC: Shellharbour Anglican College
  103. SAC: Shipbuilding Advisory Council
  104. SAC: Short-arm cast
  105. SAC: Shortarm cast
  106. SAC: Shuttle Action Center
  107. SAC: Sideline assessment of concussion
  108. SAC: Signaling Address Controller
  109. SAC: Simple Api for Css
  110. SAC: Simplified Access Control
  111. SAC: Singapore Accreditation Council
  112. SAC: Single Agency Check
  113. SAC: Single Attached Concentrator
  114. SAC: Single Attached Concentrators
  115. SAC: Single Attachment Concentrator
  116. SAC: Single-Attached Concentrator
  117. SAC: Site Administrative Computer
  118. SAC: Site Alternate Criteria
  119. SAC: Small accessory chromosome
  120. SAC: Small Agency Council
  121. SAC: Soaring Association of Canada
  122. SAC: Social Activities Club
  123. SAC: Social activity
  124. SAC: Sociedad Agronómica de Chile
  125. SAC: Sociedad Anonima Comercial
  126. SAC: Society for Analytical Chemistry
  127. SAC: Society for Analytical Cytology
  128. SAC: Society for Automation and Control
  129. SAC: Society of Applied Chemistry
  130. SAC: Society of the Catholic Apostolate
  131. SAC: Software Advisory Channel
  132. SAC: Solar Array Carrier
  133. SAC: Solid Argon Cooling
  134. SAC: Soluble adenylyl cyclase
  135. SAC: Sorry All Close
  136. SAC: Sound Absorption Coefficient
  137. SAC: Source Appointment and Characterization
  138. SAC: South American Championship Final Tournament
  139. SAC: South Asia Council
  140. SAC: South Atlantic Conference
  141. SAC: Southeast Arkansas College
  142. SAC: Southern Air Command
  143. SAC: Space Activities Commission
  144. SAC: Space Application Center
  145. SAC: Space Application Centre
  146. SAC: Space Applications Center
  147. SAC: Space Applications Centre
  148. SAC: Space Applications Corporation
  149. SAC: Spatial Audio Coding
  150. SAC: Special Access Code
  151. SAC: Special Action Code
  152. SAC: Special Admin Console
  153. SAC: Special Administration Console
  154. SAC: Special Administrative Console
  155. SAC: Special Agent in Charge
  156. SAC: Special Agreement Check
  157. SAC: Special Analysis Centre
  158. SAC: Special Applications Center
  159. SAC: Special Area Code
  160. SAC: Special Area of Conservation
  161. SAC: Special Areas of Conservation
  162. SAC: Specialist Advisory Committee
  163. SAC: Specialty Advisory Committee
  164. SAC: Specific Absorption Coefficient
  165. SAC: Spectral absorption coeff.
  166. SAC: Spindle assembly checkpoint
  167. SAC: Spleen adherent cells
  168. SAC: Splenic adherent cell
  169. SAC: Splenic adherent cells
  170. SAC: Splinting for acute closure
  171. SAC: Sports Activity Coupé
  172. SAC: Sprayed acoustical ceiling
  173. SAC: Spring Arbor College
  174. SAC: St Aloysius College
  175. SAC: St Andrews College
  176. SAC: St Augustine's College
  177. SAC: St. Andrews College
  178. SAC: Stable access cannula
  179. SAC: Stakeholders Advisory Consultant Group
  180. SAC: Stand Alone Console
  181. SAC: Standardization Administration of China
  182. SAC: Standardizaton Administration of China
  183. SAC: Standardized assessment of concussion
  184. SAC: Standards Activity Committee
  185. SAC: Standards Advisory Council
  186. SAC: Standards for Ambulatory Care
  187. SAC: Staphylococci
  188. SAC: Staphylococcus aureus
  189. SAC: Staphylococcus aureus Cowan
  190. SAC: Staphylococcus aureus Cowan 1
  191. SAC: Staphylococcus aureus Cowan 1 strain
  192. SAC: Staphylococcus aureus Cowan I
  193. SAC: Staphylococcus aureus Cowan I strain
  194. SAC: Staphylococcus aureus Cowan strain
  195. SAC: Staphylococcus aureus Cowan Strain 1
  196. SAC: Staphylococcus aureus Cowan strain I
  197. SAC: Starved Air Combustion
  198. SAC: State Advisory Committee
  199. SAC: State Assistance Contract
  200. SAC: State Audit Commission
  201. SAC: Statewide Advisory Council
  202. SAC: Station Access Conditions
  203. SAC: Statistical Advisory Committee
  204. SAC: Statistical Analysis Center
  205. SAC: Statistical Analysis Contractor
  206. SAC: Statistics Audit Commission
  207. SAC: Status and Command
  208. SAC: Status and Control
  209. SAC: STM-to-ATM Converter
  210. SAC: STN-to-ATM Converter
  213. SAC: Storage Address Computer
  214. SAC: Store Access Control
  215. SAC: Stores Account Code
  216. SAC: Strain Cowan 1
  217. SAC: Strain Cowan I
  218. SAC: Strategic Advisory Committee
  219. SAC: Strategic Air Command
  220. SAC: Strategic Air Command's
  221. SAC: Strategic Airlift Capability
  222. SAC: Strategic Applications Collaborations
  223. SAC: Stratum album centrale
  224. SAC: Streptomyces achromogenes
  225. SAC: Stretch-activated channel
  226. SAC: Stretch-activated channels
  227. SAC: Stretch-activated ion channels
  228. SAC: Strict Avalanche Criterion
  229. SAC: Strict Avalanche Criterium
  230. SAC: Structural Adjustment Committee
  231. SAC: Structural Adjustment Credit
  232. SAC: Student Action Code
  233. SAC: Student Action Committee
  234. SAC: Student Activities Committee
  235. SAC: Student Activities Coordinator
  236. SAC: Student Activities Council
  237. SAC: Student Activity Center
  238. SAC: Student Advisory Council
  239. SAC: Student Affairs Committee
  240. SAC: Student Aid Commission
  241. SAC: Student Assignment Center
  242. SAC: Students Administrative Council
  243. SAC: Students Advice Centre
  244. SAC: Study Advisory Committees
  245. SAC: Sub-area Council
  246. SAC: Subapical compartment
  247. SAC: Subarea advisory council
  248. SAC: Subject Advisory Committee
  249. SAC: Subject Analysis Committee
  250. SAC: Subordinate Area Commander
  251. SAC: Subregional Advisory Committee
  252. SAC: Subscriber Access Code
  253. SAC: Subscriber Access Control
  254. SAC: Subscriber Acquisition Cost
  255. SAC: Substance abuse counselor
  256. SAC: Sugar Association of the Caribbean
  257. SAC: Suggestion award committee
  258. SAC: Superactivated charcoal
  259. SAC: Superior Art Creations
  260. SAC: Supplier Assurance Contract
  261. SAC: Supplier Auditing and Certification
  262. SAC: Supply administration center
  263. SAC: Support Action Center
  264. SAC: Support Agency Coordinator
  265. SAC: Support aviation company
  266. SAC: Supporting Arms Coordination
  267. SAC: Supporting Arms Coordinator
  268. SAC: Supreme Allied Commander
  269. SAC: Surface Air Consumption
  270. SAC: Surface-Area-Center
  271. SAC: Survey Action Center
  272. SAC: Suspended and Canceled
  273. SAC: Suspended and Cancelled Pesticides
  274. SAC: Sydney Adventist College
  275. SAC: Symbolic and Algebraic Calculations
  276. SAC: Symmetry-adapted cluster
  277. SAC: Symposium on Applied Computing
  278. SAC: Symptomatic anomaly complex
  279. SAC: Synchronous Astro-Compass
  280. SAC: Synchronous-to-Asynchronous Converter
  281. SAC: Synchronous-to-ATM Conversion
  282. SAC: Syntax-Based Arithmetic Coding
  283. SAC: System ACcounting tool
  284. SAC: System Activity Coordinator
  285. SAC: System assessment capability
  286. SAC: System auxiliary computer
  287. SAC: Systemic arterial compliance
  288. SAC: Systems Auditability and Control
  289. SAC: Systems Automation Corporation
  290. SAC: Systems Automation Course
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