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What is "PPP" ? - 134 meanings and definitions

What does PPP mean? The acronym PPP has 134 different meanings.

PPP stands for 134 thing(s):

  1. PPP: Pacific People's Partnership
  2. PPP: Pacific Peoples' Partnership
  3. PPP: Pacific Policy Papers
  4. PPP: Pacific Postal Plus
  5. PPP: Packaging for Parallel Processing
  6. PPP: Paddy Power Poker
  7. PPP: Paging Party Pays
  8. PPP: Pain perception profile
  9. PPP: Paired-pulse potentiation
  10. PPP: Palatopharyngoplasty
  11. PPP: Palmoplantar pustulosis
  12. PPP: Pancreatic polypeptide
  13. PPP: Paper Piecing
  14. PPP: Parallel Pattern Processor
  15. PPP: Parallel-Push-Pull
  16. PPP: Parametric Performance Prediction
  17. PPP: Parcel Processing Plant
  18. PPP: Pariser-Parr-Pople
  19. PPP: Park People Project
  20. PPP: Parkinson Pipeline Project
  21. PPP: Partenariat pour la Paix
  22. PPP: Partially Populated Processor
  23. PPP: Pastorate for Public Projects
  24. PPP: Patient Prescription Practice
  25. PPP: Payload Patch Panel
  26. PPP: Peak Pulse Power
  27. PPP: Pee Poor Protoplasm
  28. PPP: Pentose phosphate pathway
  29. PPP: People Processes Programme
  30. PPP: People's Participation Programme
  31. PPP: People's Progressive Party
  32. PPP: Percentage of pelgeroid polymorphs
  33. PPP: Period Possession Plan
  34. PPP: Peripheral precocious puberty
  35. PPP: Personal Pen and Paper
  36. PPP: Personal Pension Plan
  37. PPP: Personal Property Policy
  38. PPP: Personnel Performance Profile
  39. PPP: Petty Pet Peeve
  40. PPP: Pharmacy Prescription Practices
  41. PPP: Phased Project Planning
  42. PPP: Phosphate pathway
  43. PPP: Phosphate pathways
  44. PPP: Photoprotoporphyrin
  45. PPP: Pilot production program
  46. PPP: Pink Point of Presence
  47. PPP: Planned Parenthood Physicians
  48. PPP: Plasma Proteome Project
  49. PPP: Plastic Protective Plate
  50. PPP: Platelet poor plasma
  52. PPP: Pogo Producing Company
  53. PPP: Point to Point Protocol
  54. PPP: Point-to-point
  55. PPP: Point-to-Point Protocol
  56. PPP: Polluter Pays Principle
  57. PPP: Polluters Pay Principles
  58. PPP: Pollution Prevention Pays
  59. PPP: Pollution Prevention Plan
  60. PPP: Pollution prevention plans
  61. PPP: Pollution Prevention Program
  62. PPP: Poly-p-Phenylene
  63. PPP: Polyparaphenylene
  64. PPP: Polypentapeptide
  65. PPP: Polypeptide
  66. PPP: Polyphloretin Phosphate
  67. PPP: Population Protection Planning
  68. PPP: Port of Portland Police
  69. PPP: Portable plotting package
  70. PPP: Positive predictive power
  71. PPP: Positron polarization potential
  72. PPP: Postal Package Partner
  73. PPP: Postoperative product
  74. PPP: Power Patch Panel
  75. PPP: Power Play Points
  76. PPP: Power Projection Platform
  77. PPP: Prairie Plan Project
  78. PPP: Pravastatin Pooling Project
  79. PPP: Pre-Project Planning
  80. PPP: Precise Point Positioning
  81. PPP: Prefabricated pump pit
  82. PPP: Preference Procurement Program
  83. PPP: Preferred Packaging Partner
  84. PPP: Preferred Practice Pattern
  85. PPP: Pregnancy-prevention program
  86. PPP: Prenatal Psychosocial Profile
  87. PPP: Prepayment penalty
  88. PPP: Prepositioned Procurement Packages
  89. PPP: Prepubertal periodontitis
  90. PPP: Primary patch panel
  91. PPP: Primary Prevention Project
  92. PPP: Primary proliferative polycythaemia
  93. PPP: Primary proliferative polycythemia
  94. PPP: Priority Bits
  95. PPP: Priority Placement Program
  96. PPP: Private Patient Plan
  97. PPP: Private Patients' Plan
  98. PPP: Private Placement Programs
  99. PPP: Privatization planning panel
  100. PPP: Procedures and Performance Program
  101. PPP: Production Program Profile
  102. PPP: Program Preparatory Phase
  103. PPP: Program Protection Plan
  104. PPP: Program Protection Planning
  105. PPP: Programmable Power Processor
  106. PPP: Programmed Potentiostatic Pulse
  107. PPP: Progress Payment Program
  108. PPP: Progressive People's Party
  109. PPP: Project phasing plan
  110. PPP: Project Proposal Phase
  111. PPP: Projected Promotion Potential
  112. PPP: Projects, plans and policy
  113. PPP: Prospective Pravastatin Pooling
  114. PPP: Protection program plan
  115. PPP: Province Pacification Plan
  116. PPP: Provisioning Program Plan
  117. PPP: Public Policy Program
  118. PPP: Public Private Partnership
  119. PPP: Public Private Partnerships
  120. PPP: Public, Private Partnerships
  121. PPP: Public-Private Partnership
  122. PPP: Public/Private Partnership
  123. PPP: Publishing and Print Planning
  124. PPP: Puebla Panamá Plan
  125. PPP: Pull and push plate
  126. PPP: Pulmonary perfusion pressure
  127. PPP: Puntos por pulgada
  128. PPP: Pupils Pilots Pool
  129. PPP: Purchasing Power Parities
  130. PPP: Purchasing Power Parity
  131. PPP: Purchasing-power party
  132. PPP: Push-pull perfusion
  133. PPP: Pustulosis palmaris et plantaris
  134. PPP: Pustulosis palmoplantaris
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