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What is "POS" ? - 119 meanings and definitions

What does POS mean? The acronym POS has 119 different meanings.

POS stands for 119 thing(s):

  2. POS: IATA code for Piarco International Airport, Piarco, Trinidad and Tobago
  3. POS: Microsoft Point of Service for .NET
  4. POS: Pacific Ocean Satellite
  5. POS: Pacific Ocean Ship
  6. POS: Packet over SONET
  7. POS: Palliative Care Outcome Scale
  8. POS: Parent Over Shoulder
  9. POS: Parent over the shoulder
  10. POS: Parents Over Shoulder
  11. POS: Parieto-occipital sulcus
  12. POS: Parosteal osteosarcoma
  13. POS: Part Of Speech
  14. POS: Part-of-speech
  15. POS: Partial Order Service
  16. POS: Partially Oxidized Sulfur
  17. POS: Passenger Oxygen System
  18. POS: Passive Optical Splitter
  19. POS: Patent Office Society
  20. POS: Patient Opinion Survey
  21. POS: Payload Operations Service
  22. POS: Peacetime Operating Stock
  23. POS: Peacetime Operating Stocks
  24. POS: Peacetime Operational State
  25. POS: Peactime Operating Stock
  26. POS: Pennsylvania Orthopaedic Society
  27. POS: People over shoulder
  28. POS: Perceived organizational support
  29. POS: Pericardial organs
  30. POS: Period of Service
  31. POS: Periosteal osteosarcoma
  32. POS: Permanent Orbital Station
  33. POS: Permanently Out of Service
  34. POS: Persistent Object Server
  35. POS: Persistent Object Service
  36. POS: Persistent Object Services
  37. POS: Persistent Offenders
  38. POS: Person Over Shoulder
  39. POS: Personal Operating Space
  40. POS: Phospho-oligosaccharide
  41. POS: Phosphorothioate
  42. POS: Photoreceptor outer segments
  43. POS: Physician order set
  44. POS: Pice of Shit
  45. POS: Pick Operating System
  46. POS: Piece of shit
  47. POS: Piedmont Orthopaedic Society
  48. POS: Pile Of Shit
  49. POS: Pile Of Shite
  50. POS: Pinch-off syndrome
  51. POS: Pivoting Optical Servo
  52. POS: Place of Service
  53. POS: Plan of Study
  54. POS: Plant operating specification
  55. POS: Plant operating system
  56. POS: Plant operational state
  57. POS: Plasma Opening Switch
  58. POS: Point of Sale
  59. POS: Point of Sale Machine
  60. POS: Point of Sale System
  61. POS: Point of Service
  62. POS: Point Of Synchronisation
  63. POS: Point of Synchronization
  64. POS: Point-of-Sale
  65. POS: Point-of-scale
  66. POS: Points-on-a-sphere
  67. POS: Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
  68. POS: Polycystic ovary syndrome
  69. POS: Porcelain-on-Steel
  70. POS: Port of support
  71. POS: Portable Operating System
  72. POS: Portable oxygen system
  73. POS: Ports Of Support
  74. POS: Posaconazole
  75. POS: Position
  76. POS: Position orientation systems
  77. POS: Positiontmtpositive
  78. POS: Positive
  79. POS: Positive Organizational Scholarship
  80. POS: Posterior
  81. POS: Postsubiculum
  82. POS: Potentially Operationally Suitable
  83. POS: Power of suggestion
  84. POS: Power On Suspend
  85. POS: Preliminary Official Statement
  86. POS: Pressure Operated Switch
  87. POS: Primary Operating Stock
  88. POS: Primary operating stocks
  89. POS: Primary operating system
  90. POS: Probability of success
  91. POS: Probability Of Sufficiency
  92. POS: Probability Of Survival
  93. POS: Problem Oriented System
  94. POS: Process Operations Simulators
  95. POS: Product of Sums
  96. POS: Professional Operating System
  97. POS: Program Of Studies
  98. POS: Program Offices
  99. POS: Program Operations Staff
  100. POS: Program optimization system
  101. POS: Programmable Object Select
  102. POS: Programmable Option Select
  103. POS: Programmable Option Set
  104. POS: Programme of Study
  105. POS: Programs Operations Staff
  106. POS: Project Officers
  107. POS: Project Organisation System
  108. POS: Protection of Shipping
  109. POS: Provider of Service
  110. POS: Provider of services
  111. POS: Provider organizations
  112. POS: Psycho-organic syndrome
  113. POS: Public Offering of Securities
  114. POS: Publications Order Sheet
  115. POS: Publisher Out of Stock
  116. POS: Purchase Of Service
  117. POS: Purchase of Services
  118. POS: Purchase Orders
  119. POS: Pussy On the Side
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