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What is "PIP" ? - 206 meanings and definitions

What does PIP mean? The acronym PIP has 206 different meanings.

PIP stands for 206 thing(s):

  1. PIP: P Internet Protocol
  2. PIP: P-iodophenol
  3. PIP: Package Implementation Plan
  4. PIP: Packet Interface Port
  5. PIP: Paper Impact Printing
  6. PIP: Parallel Image Processor
  7. PIP: Paralytic infantile paralysis
  8. PIP: Parametric Integer Program
  9. PIP: Parental Involvement Project
  10. PIP: Parks in Peril
  11. PIP: Part Information Program
  12. PIP: Participant Instrumentation Package
  13. PIP: Partner Interface Process
  14. PIP: Partner Interface Processes
  15. PIP: Partner Interface Protocol
  16. PIP: Partners in Prevention
  17. PIP: Partners in Provisioning
  18. PIP: Partnership of Immunization Providers
  19. PIP: Past International President
  20. PIP: Path Independent Protocol
  21. PIP: Pattern and Information Processing
  22. PIP: Payload Impact Plan
  23. PIP: Payload Integration Plan
  24. PIP: Payload Interface Plan
  25. PIP: Payment Integrity Program
  26. PIP: PCM Interface Port
  27. PIP: Peak airway pressure
  28. PIP: Peak inflation pressure
  29. PIP: Peak inflation pressures
  30. PIP: Peak inspiratory pressure
  31. PIP: Peak inspiratory pressures
  32. PIP: Peeing in pants
  33. PIP: Peer Information Protocol
  34. PIP: Peer Intervention Program
  35. PIP: Penalty Interest Payment
  36. PIP: Penalty Interest Payments
  37. PIP: Percent identity plot
  38. PIP: Performance Improvement Package
  39. PIP: Performance Improvement Plan
  40. PIP: Performance Improvement Plans
  41. PIP: Performance Improvement Program
  42. PIP: Performance Index Paper
  43. PIP: Performance Indexed Paper
  44. PIP: Performance Indicator Program
  45. PIP: Performance Information Project
  46. PIP: Periodic Interim Payment
  47. PIP: Periphal Interchange Program
  48. PIP: Peripheral Interchange Program
  49. PIP: Peripheral Interface Process
  50. PIP: Peripheral Interface Processor
  51. PIP: Permanent Improvement Program
  52. PIP: Peroxisomal induction pathway
  53. PIP: Personal Identification Project
  54. PIP: Personal Information Processor
  55. PIP: Personal Injury Protection
  56. PIP: Personnel Incentive Program
  57. PIP: Petroleum Incentives Program
  58. PIP: Phased Improvement Program
  59. PIP: Phosphatidylinositol 4-monophosphate
  60. PIP: Phosphatidylinositol 4-phosphate
  61. PIP: Phosphatidylinositol monophosphate
  62. PIP: Phosphatidylinositol phosphate
  63. PIP: Physician Incentive Plan
  64. PIP: Picture In a Picture
  65. PIP: Picture in Picture
  66. PIP: Picture In Post
  67. PIP: Picture-In-Picture
  68. PIP: Pipeline Image Processor
  69. PIP: Piperacillin
  70. PIP: Piperazine
  71. PIP: Piperazinedione
  72. PIP: Piperidine
  73. PIP: Planning Implementation Panel
  74. PIP: Plant Improvement Projects
  75. PIP: Plant Incorporated Protectant
  76. PIP: Plant Incorporated Protectants
  77. PIP: Plant Instrumentation Program
  78. PIP: Plant-in-Place
  79. PIP: Plasma membrane intrinsic protein
  80. PIP: Plastic Irrigation Pipe
  81. PIP: Plot Inconsistencies Project
  82. PIP: Plug-in Plan
  83. PIP: Plug-in Programmer
  84. PIP: Plug-In Protocol
  85. PIP: Plume Interference Prediction
  86. PIP: Polar Information Program
  87. PIP: Policy information point
  88. PIP: Pollution Information Project
  89. PIP: Polyisoprene
  90. PIP: Polymer Impregnation and Pyrolysis
  91. PIP: Population Information Program
  92. PIP: Porcine insulin precursor
  93. PIP: Position Indicating Probe
  94. PIP: Position indication probe
  95. PIP: Positive Incentive Program
  96. PIP: Positive inspiratory pressure
  97. PIP: Post-harvest Institute of Perishables
  98. PIP: Postictal psychosis
  99. PIP: Potential Integrator and Plotting
  100. PIP: Poured in place
  101. PIP: Poured-in-Place
  102. PIP: Practice Incentive Payment
  103. PIP: Practice Incentives Program
  104. PIP: Precipitation
  105. PIP: Precipitation Intercomparison Project
  106. PIP: Precise Impulse Propulsion
  107. PIP: Precision Instrumentation Package
  108. PIP: Precision Ion Polishing
  109. PIP: Predicted impact point
  110. PIP: Predicted Intercept Point
  111. PIP: Presence Information Protocol
  112. PIP: Pressure Index Point
  113. PIP: Pressure inversion point
  114. PIP: Price Improvement Period
  115. PIP: Pricing in Proportion
  116. PIP: Primary Indicating Position
  117. PIP: Primary Injection Point
  118. PIP: Primary Injection Points
  119. PIP: Primary injury prevention
  120. PIP: Primary Intervention Program
  121. PIP: Priority Inheritance Protocol
  122. PIP: Privatization In Place
  123. PIP: Probabilistic Information Processing
  124. PIP: Probable intrauterine pregnancy
  125. PIP: Problem Input Preparation
  126. PIP: Problem investigation plan
  127. PIP: Problem Isolation Procedure
  128. PIP: Procedural Interface Protocol
  129. PIP: Procedural Interrrupt Positive
  130. PIP: Procedural Interrupt Positive
  131. PIP: Process Improvement Plan
  132. PIP: Process Improvement Program
  133. PIP: Process Improvement Project
  134. PIP: Process Industry Practices
  135. PIP: Process Instrumentation Process
  136. PIP: Process Interface Program
  137. PIP: Process-Induced Particle
  138. PIP: Process-induced particles
  139. PIP: Product Improvement Package
  140. PIP: Product Improvement Plan
  141. PIP: Product Improvement Program
  142. PIP: Product Improvement Programme
  143. PIP: Product Improvement Programs
  144. PIP: Product Improvement Proposal
  145. PIP: Product Information Plan
  146. PIP: Product Integration Program
  147. PIP: Product Introduction Planning
  148. PIP: Product Introduction Procedure
  149. PIP: Production Installation Procedures
  150. PIP: Production Instrumentation Package
  151. PIP: Production Investment Phase
  152. PIP: Productivity Improvement Program
  153. PIP: Professional Intern Program
  154. PIP: Professional Internship Program
  155. PIP: Profile Ignition Pickup
  156. PIP: Profit Improvement Program
  157. PIP: Program implementation plan
  158. PIP: Program Improvement Plan
  159. PIP: Program Information Package
  160. PIP: Program Initialization Parameter
  161. PIP: Program Initialization Parameters
  162. PIP: Programmable image processor
  163. PIP: Programmable Integrated Processor
  164. PIP: Programmable Interconnect Point
  165. PIP: Programme Implementation Plan
  166. PIP: Programmed Individual Presentation
  167. PIP: Programmed Instructional Package
  168. PIP: Project Implementation Plan
  169. PIP: Project Information Plan
  170. PIP: Project information portal
  171. PIP: Project information portal,
  172. PIP: Project inspection plan
  173. PIP: Project on Information Processing
  174. PIP: Projected intercept point
  175. PIP: Projected isometric pressure
  176. PIP: Projects in Progress
  177. PIP: Prolactin inducible protein
  178. PIP: Prolactin-inducible protein
  179. PIP: Proline iminopeptidase
  180. PIP: Propellant Initiation Program
  181. PIP: Propeptide of procollagen type I
  182. PIP: Property Investment Panel
  183. PIP: Proposal Information Packages
  184. PIP: Proposed Implementation Plan
  185. PIP: Proposer Information Pamphlet
  186. PIP: Proposer's Information Pamphlet
  187. PIP: Proposers Information Package
  188. PIP: Prostate inhibin peptide
  189. PIP: Prostatic inhibin peptide
  190. PIP: Prototype inlet piping
  191. PIP: Prototypic inlet piping
  192. PIP: Provider Instance Port
  193. PIP: Proximal interphalangeal
  194. PIP: Proximal interphalangeal joint
  195. PIP: Proximal interphalangeal joints
  196. PIP: Psychotic Inpatient Profile
  197. PIP: PTC Interface Processor
  198. PIP: Public Information Policy
  199. PIP: Public Involvement Plan
  200. PIP: Public Involvement Procedures
  201. PIP: Public involvement program
  202. PIP: Pulmonary inflation pressure
  203. PIP: Pulmonary insufflation pressure
  204. PIP: Pulmonary interstitial pressure
  205. PIP: Pulsed Integrating Pendulum
  206. PIP: Pyro Interception Plug
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