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What is "PAC" ? - 272 meanings and definitions

What does PAC mean? The acronym PAC has 272 different meanings.

PAC stands for 272 thing(s):

  1. PAC: P-aminoclonidine
  2. PAC: P1 artificial chromosomal
  3. PAC: P1 artificial chromosome
  4. PAC: P1 artificial chromosomes
  5. PAC: P1-derived artificial chromosome
  6. PAC: Pachytene
  7. PAC: Pacific
  8. PAC: Pacific Accessory Corporation
  9. PAC: Pacific Accreditation Cooperation
  10. PAC: Pacific Accreditation Corporation
  11. PAC: Pacific Air Command
  12. PAC: Pacific Area Command
  13. PAC: Pack
  14. PAC: Package Assembly Circuit
  15. PAC: Package for Agro-ecological Characterization
  16. PAC: Packaging
  17. PAC: Packaging Association of Canada
  18. PAC: Packaging site
  19. PAC: Paclitaxel
  20. PAC: Paclobutrazol
  21. PAC: Paging Area Controller
  22. PAC: Pale cress
  23. PAC: Palo Alto College
  24. PAC: Pan African Congress
  25. PAC: Pan Africanist Congress
  26. PAC: Pan American College
  27. PAC: Pan-Africanist Congress
  28. PAC: Pan-Africanist Congress of Azania
  29. PAC: Pancreatic acinar cell carcinoma
  30. PAC: Pancreatic adenocarcinoma
  31. PAC: Pancreatic cancer
  32. PAC: Papillary adenocarcinoma
  33. PAC: Papular acrodermatitis
  34. PAC: Papular acrodermatitis of childhood
  35. PAC: Parachute and Cable
  36. PAC: Parallel Access Circuit
  37. PAC: Parent Advisory Committee
  38. PAC: Parent Advisory Council
  39. PAC: Parent-adult-child
  40. PAC: Parents Advisory Council
  41. PAC: Parks Advisory Committee
  42. PAC: Paroxysmal atrial contractions
  43. PAC: Participating Associate Contractor
  44. PAC: Particle Accelerator Conference
  45. PAC: Partner Agreement Connect
  46. PAC: Partnership Annual Conference
  47. PAC: Paterson Crescents
  48. PAC: Path Attenuation Compensation
  49. PAC: Patient Assessment Chart
  50. PAC: Patient Assessment Computerized
  51. PAC: Patriot advanced capabilities
  52. PAC: Patriot Advanced Capability
  53. PAC: PCI AGP Controller
  54. PAC: Pedagogic Automatic Computer
  55. PAC: Pedestrian Advisory Committee
  56. PAC: Pediatric AIDS Canada
  57. PAC: Penicillin acylase
  58. PAC: Penicillin g acylase
  59. PAC: Pennsylvania Athletic Conference
  60. PAC: Penrith Anglican College
  61. PAC: Pentagon Athletic Center
  62. PAC: Peoples Army Congress
  63. PAC: Perceptual Audio Coder
  64. PAC: Perceptual Audio Coding
  65. PAC: Perennial allergic conjunctivitis
  66. PAC: Performing Arts Center
  67. PAC: Periamygdaloid cortex
  68. PAC: Pericarditis arthropathy camptodactyly syndrome
  69. PAC: Pericarditis-arthropathy-camptodactyly
  70. PAC: Peripheral Autonomous Control
  71. PAC: Peritoneal adherent cells
  72. PAC: Permanent Accomodation Complex
  73. PAC: Permanent Agricultural Committee
  74. PAC: Permeability coefficient
  75. PAC: Pershing airborne computer
  76. PAC: Personal Access Code
  77. PAC: Personal Access Communication
  78. PAC: Personal Acoustic Control
  79. PAC: Personal Air Communication technology protocol
  80. PAC: Personal Analog Computer
  81. PAC: Personalized Adaptive Coding
  82. PAC: Personnel Actions Center
  83. PAC: Personnel administration center
  84. PAC: Personnel and Administration Center
  85. PAC: Personnel and Administrative Center
  86. PAC: Perturbed angular correlation
  87. PAC: Perturbed angular correlation of gamma-rays
  88. PAC: Perturbed angular correlations of gamma-rays
  89. PAC: Pet Advisory Committee
  90. PAC: Pet Advisory Council
  91. PAC: Petersen Alternative Ctr
  92. PAC: Phage artificial chromosome
  93. PAC: Pharmaceutical Advertising Council
  94. PAC: Phase constant time
  95. PAC: Phenacetin, aspirin and caffeine
  96. PAC: Photo Annotation/Classification
  97. PAC: Photoacoustic calorimetry
  98. PAC: Photoactivated adenylyl cyclase
  99. PAC: Photoactive compound
  100. PAC: Physical Acoustics Corporation
  101. PAC: Physical activity
  102. PAC: Physician administered contraceptive
  103. PAC: Physician Assistant Committee
  104. PAC: Physicians's Assistant, Certified
  105. PAC: PI artificial chromosome
  106. PAC: Picture archiving and communication
  107. PAC: Pilot at Controls
  108. PAC: Pin Array Cartridge
  109. PAC: Pl artificial chromosome
  110. PAC: Placement Alternatives Commission
  111. PAC: Planned Ammortization Class
  112. PAC: Planned Amortization Class
  113. PAC: Planning Advisory Committee
  114. PAC: Plant artificial chromosome
  115. PAC: Plasma ALDO concentration
  116. PAC: Plasma aldosterone concentration
  117. PAC: Plasma aldosterone concentrations
  118. PAC: Plasma angiotensinogen concentration
  119. PAC: Plasma Arc Curing
  120. PAC: Plasma arc cutting
  121. PAC: Plasma arc light
  122. PAC: Plasma concentration of aldosterone
  123. PAC: Plasma concentrations of aldosterone
  124. PAC: Plasma-arc
  125. PAC: Plasmid artificial chromosome
  126. PAC: Plastic ammunition container
  127. PAC: Plastic Architecture Consortium
  128. PAC: Platelet-associated complement
  129. PAC: Platform Adapter Component
  130. PAC: Platform Adaptor Component
  131. PAC: Platform Azimuth Control
  132. PAC: Platinol, adriamycin, cyclophosphamide
  133. PAC: Player Access Control
  134. PAC: Plowshare Advisory Committee
  135. PAC: Point-and-Click
  136. PAC: Polar Air Cargo
  137. PAC: Polar Atmospheric Chemistry
  138. PAC: Policy Advisory Committee
  139. PAC: Political Action Committee
  140. PAC: Political Action Committees
  141. PAC: Political Action Contribution
  142. PAC: Polled Access Circuit
  143. PAC: Pollution Abatement Control
  144. PAC: Poly Aluminum Chloride
  145. PAC: Polyaluminium chloride
  146. PAC: Polyaluminum chloride
  147. PAC: Polyaromatic compounds
  148. PAC: Polycyclic Aromatic Compound
  149. PAC: Polycyclic aromatic compounds
  150. PAC: Polycyclic aromatic constituents
  151. PAC: Polynuclear aromatic compounds
  152. PAC: Population Action Council
  153. PAC: Porcine artificial chromosome
  154. PAC: Porous apatite ceramics
  155. PAC: Port-A-Cath
  156. PAC: Portable Air Compressor
  157. PAC: Post Award Conference
  158. PAC: Post-acute care
  159. PAC: Post-approval change
  160. PAC: Postabortion Care
  161. PAC: Potentially adverse condition
  162. PAC: Powder activated carbon
  163. PAC: Powder Alloy Corporation
  164. PAC: Powdered activated carbon
  165. PAC: Power Applications Center
  166. PAC: Power Assisted Combatant
  167. PAC: Power assurance check
  168. PAC: Powered activated carbon
  169. PAC: Pre-admission Clinic
  170. PAC: Pre-Authorized Checking
  171. PAC: Pre-authorized chequing
  172. PAC: Precursor-accumulating
  173. PAC: Predict Application Control
  174. PAC: Premature Atrial Contraction
  175. PAC: Premature atrial contractions
  176. PAC: Premium Amount Collectible
  177. PAC: Preparatory Accelerated Course
  178. PAC: President's Advisory Committee
  179. PAC: Presidential Advisory Committee
  180. PAC: Presidents' Athletic Conference
  181. PAC: Presidents's Advisory Council
  182. PAC: Pressure Alpha Center
  183. PAC: Pressure area care
  184. PAC: Primary Address Code
  185. PAC: Primary angle closure
  186. PAC: Primary auditory cortex
  187. PAC: Primex Aerospace Corporation
  188. PAC: Printer Adapter Card
  189. PAC: Priority Area Children
  190. PAC: Privacy Act Coordinator
  191. PAC: Privacy Advisory Committee
  192. PAC: Privacy Advisory Committee's
  193. PAC: Privilege Access Certificate
  194. PAC: Privilege Attribute Certificate
  195. PAC: Privilege Attribute Committee
  196. PAC: Probably approximately correct
  197. PAC: Probe Aerodynamic Center
  198. PAC: Problem Action Center
  199. PAC: Problem Assessment Center
  200. PAC: Process Advisory Committee
  201. PAC: Process analytical chemistry
  202. PAC: Process and Control
  203. PAC: Process Automation Center
  204. PAC: Process Automation Computer
  205. PAC: Processing and Archiving Centre
  206. PAC: Processor Augmentation Card
  207. PAC: Procurement Assistance Center
  208. PAC: Procurement, Acquisition and Construction
  209. PAC: Product of ambulatory care
  210. PAC: Production Acquisition Cost
  211. PAC: Production activity control
  212. PAC: Production of agricultural chemicals
  213. PAC: Products of Ambulatory Care
  214. PAC: Professional Accounting Certificate
  215. PAC: Professional Activities Committee
  216. PAC: Professional and Administrative Careers
  217. PAC: Professional, Administrative, Clerical
  218. PAC: Program Acquisition Cost
  219. PAC: Program Address Counter
  220. PAC: Program administration and control
  221. PAC: Program Advisory Committee
  222. PAC: Program Analyzer Console
  223. PAC: Program Assembly Card
  224. PAC: Program Assistance Center
  225. PAC: Program Authority Control
  226. PAC: Program Authorized Credentials
  227. PAC: Programmable Analog Chips
  228. PAC: Programmable Automatic Comparator
  229. PAC: Programmable Automation Control
  230. PAC: Programmable Automation Controller
  231. PAC: Programmable Automation Controllers
  232. PAC: Programme Activity Centre
  233. PAC: Programme Advisory Commitee
  234. PAC: Programme Advisory Committee
  235. PAC: Project Account Code
  236. PAC: Project Advisory Committee
  237. PAC: Project Appraisal Committee
  238. PAC: Prompted Automatic Callback
  239. PAC: Proposal Assessment Committee
  240. PAC: Proposals Assessment Committee
  241. PAC: Prostate adenocarcinoma
  242. PAC: Prostatic adenocarcinoma
  243. PAC: Protected Access Credential
  244. PAC: Protection Against Collision
  245. PAC: Provider Advisory Committee
  246. PAC: Provincial Assessment Centre
  247. PAC: Provisioning, Activation and Configuration
  248. PAC: Proxy Auto-Config
  249. PAC: Pseudoactinomycosis
  250. PAC: Psychology Advising Center
  251. PAC: Psychopathology in Autism Checklist
  252. PAC: Public Access Catalog
  253. PAC: Public Access Center
  254. PAC: Public Accounts Committee
  255. PAC: Public Advisory Committee
  257. PAC: Public Archives Canada
  258. PAC: Public Archives Commission
  259. PAC: Public Archives of Canada
  260. PAC: Public Art Committee
  261. PAC: Public Assistance Coordinator
  262. PAC: Publications Advisory Committee
  263. PAC: Pullback atherectomy catheter
  264. PAC: Pulmonary adenocarcinoma
  265. PAC: Pulmonary artery catheter
  266. PAC: Pulmonary artery catheterization
  267. PAC: Pulmonary artery catheters
  268. PAC: Pulmonary artery constriction
  269. PAC: Pulsed Aperture Correlator
  270. PAC: Puromycin acetyltransferase
  271. PAC: Puromycin N-acetyltransferase
  272. PAC: Put and Call
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