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What is "PAA" ? - 104 meanings and definitions

What does PAA mean? The acronym PAA has 104 different meanings.

PAA stands for 104 thing(s):

  1. PAA: Pad Area Array
  2. PAA: Pair Availability Analysis
  3. PAA: Pan American Airways
  4. PAA: Pan American World Airways
  5. PAA: Pancreas-specific antigen
  6. PAA: Pancreatic acinar atrophy
  7. PAA: Pantothenic acid
  8. PAA: Paper Agents Association
  9. PAA: Papuan
  10. PAA: Paraazooxyanisole
  11. PAA: Paraazoxyanisole
  12. PAA: Partial agonist activity
  13. PAA: Partial agonistic activity
  14. PAA: Particle agglutination assay
  16. PAA: Payload Attach Assembly
  17. PAA: Peer Access Approval
  18. PAA: Peer Access Approved
  19. PAA: Peracetic acid
  20. PAA: Performance Appraisal Application
  21. PAA: Performing Arts Alliance
  22. PAA: Period amplitude analysis
  23. PAA: Peroxyacetic acid
  24. PAA: Personnel Allowance Amendment
  25. PAA: Pet Allergy Association
  26. PAA: Pharyngeal arch artery
  27. PAA: Phase Antenna Array
  28. PAA: Phased array antenna
  29. PAA: Phenoxyacetic acid
  30. PAA: Phenylacetic acid
  31. PAA: Phenylacetic acid amide
  32. PAA: Phenylalkylamine
  33. PAA: Phenylarsonic acid
  34. PAA: Phosphonoacetate
  35. PAA: Phosphonoacetic acid
  36. PAA: Phosphoric Acid Aluminum
  37. PAA: Phosphoric Acid Anodizing
  38. PAA: Photon activation analysis
  39. PAA: Phthalic Acid Anhydride
  40. PAA: Physical abilities analysis
  41. PAA: Physiological Amino Acid
  42. PAA: Pituitary-adrenal axis
  43. PAA: Plains All American Pipeline, L.P.
  44. PAA: Plasma amino acid
  45. PAA: Plasma amino acids
  46. PAA: Plasma angiotensinase activity
  47. PAA: Plasma ascorbic acid
  48. PAA: Plasminogen activating activity
  49. PAA: Plasminogen activator activity
  50. PAA: Platelet aggregating activity
  51. PAA: Plywood Association of Australia
  52. PAA: Police Academy Agreements
  53. PAA: Police Athletic Association
  54. PAA: Policy Approval Authority
  55. PAA: Policy Approving Authority
  56. PAA: Poly acetic acid
  57. PAA: Poly-L-aspartic acid
  58. PAA: Polyacrylamide
  59. PAA: Polyacrylic acid
  60. PAA: Polyactin A
  61. PAA: Polyaspartic acid
  62. PAA: Popliteal artery aneurysm
  63. PAA: Popliteal artery aneurysms
  64. PAA: Population Association of America
  65. PAA: Portland Adventist Academy
  66. PAA: Position area for artillery
  67. PAA: Posterior auricular artery
  68. PAA: Potato Association of America
  69. PAA: Precipitation Accumulation Algorithm
  70. PAA: Predict Application Audit
  71. PAA: Preschool Assessment of Attachment
  72. PAA: Primary aircraft authorization
  73. PAA: Primary Aircraft Authorizations
  74. PAA: Primary Aircraft Authorized
  75. PAA: Primary Aircraft Authoriztion
  76. PAA: Primary aromatic amine
  77. PAA: Primary aromatic amines
  78. PAA: Primary Assigned Aircraft
  79. PAA: Primary Authorised Aircraft
  80. PAA: Primary Authorized Aircraft
  81. PAA: Principal Accrediting Authority
  82. PAA: Prioity Abatement areas
  83. PAA: Priority abatement area
  84. PAA: Priority abatement areas
  85. PAA: Priority Area Assessment
  86. PAA: Priority Area Assessments
  87. PAA: Probe Aspect Angle
  88. PAA: Problem Assessment Area
  89. PAA: Procurement action approval
  90. PAA: Procurement Appropriation, Army
  91. PAA: Procurement of Ammunition, Army
  92. PAA: Program Activity Architecture
  93. PAA: Program Assessment and Analysis
  94. PAA: Program Assistant Administrator
  95. PAA: Program Associate Administrator
  96. PAA: Programmed Aircraft Authorization
  97. PAA: Prosopo-affective agnosia
  98. PAA: Protected Access Architecture
  99. PAA: Protocol Analysis Application
  100. PAA: Public Awareness Association
  101. PAA: Pulmonary artery aneurysm
  102. PAA: Pulse-Amplitude Analyzer
  103. PAA: Purdue Alumni Association
  104. PAA: Pyridine acetic acid
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