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What is "MCR" ? - 122 meanings and definitions

What does MCR mean? The acronym MCR has 122 different meanings.

MCR stands for 122 thing(s):

  1. MCR: Machine Control Register
  2. MCR: Macromomycin
  3. MCR: Magnetic Card Reader
  4. MCR: Magnetic Cartridge Recorder
  5. MCR: Magnetic character reader
  6. MCR: Magnetic Character Recognition
  7. MCR: Main Conference Room
  8. MCR: Main Control Room
  9. MCR: Maine Coast Railroad
  10. MCR: Maintenance Certification Record
  11. MCR: Maintenance Cycle Report
  12. MCR: Major Change Record
  13. MCR: Major cytogenetic remission
  14. MCR: Major cytogenetic response
  15. MCR: Major cytogenetic responses
  16. MCR: Management Control Review
  17. MCR: Manpower Change Request
  18. MCR: Manpower Change Requests
  19. MCR: Manual Change Release
  20. MCR: Manual Change Releases
  21. MCR: Manual Change Request
  22. MCR: Manufacturing Capability Requirements
  23. MCR: Manufacturing change request
  24. MCR: Map of Canada Reference
  25. MCR: Mapped Conversation Record
  26. MCR: Marine Corps Reserve
  27. MCR: Master Change Record
  28. MCR: Master Change Request
  29. MCR: Master Chip Reset
  30. MCR: Master Control Record
  31. MCR: Master Control Records
  32. MCR: Master Control Register
  33. MCR: Master Control Relay
  34. MCR: Master Control Room
  35. MCR: Master Control Routine
  37. MCR: Mate Communications Register
  38. MCR: Material Condition Review
  39. MCR: Material conformance report
  40. MCR: Material Cost Recovery
  41. MCR: Materials Change Request
  42. MCR: Materials Control Requirement
  43. MCR: Max. continuous rating
  44. MCR: Maximum Cell Rate
  45. MCR: Maximum Continuous Rating
  46. MCR: MC receptor
  47. MCR: McCloud Railway
  48. MCR: McCloud Railway Company
  49. MCR: McCloud River Railroad
  50. MCR: Measurement Conversion and Regulation
  51. MCR: Mechanical cold run
  52. MCR: Media Change Request
  53. MCR: Medical clearance for respiratory
  54. MCR: Medical Corps Reserve
  55. MCR: Medical Cost Ratio
  56. MCR: Medicare Cost Report
  57. MCR: Melanocortin receptor
  58. MCR: Melanocortin receptors
  59. MCR: Memory Control Register
  60. MCR: Message competition ratio
  61. MCR: Message Completion Rate
  62. MCR: Message Control Record
  63. MCR: Metabolic clearance
  64. MCR: Metabolic clearance rate
  65. MCR: Metabolic clearance rate of glucose
  66. MCR: Metabolic clearance rates
  67. MCR: Metabolic clearance rates of glucose
  68. MCR: Methicillin-resistant
  69. MCR: Methyl-coenzyme M reductase
  70. MCR: MFS Charter Income Trust
  71. MCR: Michigan Court Rules
  72. MCR: MICRO
  73. MCR: Micronomicin
  74. MCR: Micronomicin sulfate
  75. MCR: Military Civil Relations
  76. MCR: Military Command Region
  77. MCR: Military Communications Requirement
  78. MCR: Military Compact Reactor
  79. MCR: Mine clearing roller
  80. MCR: Mineralocorticoid receptor
  81. MCR: Mini Cold Read
  82. MCR: Minimal coronary resistance
  83. MCR: Minimal critical region
  84. MCR: Minimum Call Rate
  85. MCR: Minimum candidate region
  86. MCR: Minimum Cell Rate
  87. MCR: Minimum Compensatory Rate
  88. MCR: Minimum Creep Rate
  89. MCR: Minimum critical region
  90. MCR: Minor cluster region
  91. MCR: Minuteman Change Request
  92. MCR: Mirror Consistency Record
  93. MCR: Mission Capable Rate
  94. MCR: Mission Concept Review
  95. MCR: Mission Confirmation Review
  97. MCR: Mitomycin C resistance
  98. MCR: Mobile Cellular Radio
  99. MCR: Modem Control Register
  100. MCR: Modification Completion Report
  101. MCR: Modified Compliance Review
  102. MCR: Modified cytosine restriction
  103. MCR: Modular Cellular Radio
  104. MCR: Module Configuration Register
  105. MCR: Molded Carrier Ring
  106. MCR: Molecular Cancer Research
  107. MCR: Monitor Console Routine
  108. MCR: Monocyte chemotactic responsiveness
  109. MCR: Morphologic complete remission
  110. MCR: Multi-Channel Recorder
  112. MCR: Multichannel Cloud Radiometer
  113. MCR: Multicomponent reaction
  114. MCR: Multiple Carriage Rack
  115. MCR: Multiple Copper Repeater
  116. MCR: Multispectral Cloud Radiometer
  117. MCR: Multivariate curve resolution
  118. MCR: Muscarinic cholinergic receptor
  119. MCR: Muscarinic cholinergic receptors
  120. MCR: Museum criticum
  121. MCR: Mutation cluster region
  122. MCR: Mutual climate range
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