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What is "MAC" ? - 284 meanings and definitions

What does MAC mean? The acronym MAC has 284 different meanings.

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MAC stands for 284 thing(s):

  1. MAC: IATA code for Macon Downtown Airport, Macon, Georgia, United States
  2. MAC: M avium complex
  3. MAC: MacAndrew alcoholism
  4. MAC: MacAndrew Alcoholism Scale
  5. MAC: MacAndrew Scale
  7. MAC: Macao, China
  8. MAC: Macaques
  9. MAC: MacConkey
  10. MAC: MacConkey agar
  11. MAC: Macedonian
  12. MAC: Macerated
  13. MAC: Macerich Company
  14. MAC: Machine Access Control
  15. MAC: Machine Address Code
  16. MAC: Machine Administration Center
  18. MAC: Macintosh
  21. MAC: MacLeods
  22. MAC: MacPaint
  23. MAC: MacPaint image format
  24. MAC: Macro
  25. MAC: MACRO-11 File
  26. MAC: Macrocycle
  27. MAC: Macrolide antibiotics
  28. MAC: Macronucleus
  29. MAC: Macrophage
  30. MAC: Macrophages
  31. MAC: Macsa Academia Calmecac
  32. MAC: Macula
  33. MAC: Macule
  34. MAC: Magazine Area C
  35. MAC: Magnetic authentication code
  36. MAC: Main Display Console
  37. MAC: Mainland Affairs Council
  38. MAC: Maintaining Arc-Consistency
  39. MAC: Maintenance Action Client
  40. MAC: Maintenance Action Code
  41. MAC: Maintenance Administration Center
  42. MAC: Maintenance Advisory Committee
  43. MAC: Maintenance Allocation Chart
  44. MAC: Maintenance Allocation Charts
  45. MAC: Major Account Center
  46. MAC: Major Accounts Center
  47. MAC: Major Ambulatory Category
  48. MAC: Major Area Commander
  49. MAC: Malaysian Accreditation Council
  50. MAC: Malignancy associated changes
  51. MAC: Malignancy-associated changes
  52. MAC: Malta Air Charter
  53. MAC: Mammalian artificial chromosome
  54. MAC: Mammary adenocarcinomas
  55. MAC: Man against Computer
  56. MAC: Man And Computer
  57. MAC: Management Action Center
  58. MAC: Management Ad Hoc Committee
  59. MAC: Management Advisory Committee
  60. MAC: Management Advisory Consortium
  61. MAC: Management assessment coordinator
  62. MAC: Manager's Advisory Council
  63. MAC: Managing African Conflict
  64. MAC: Mandatory Access Control
  65. MAC: Mandatory Access Controls
  66. MAC: Maneuver Area Command
  67. MAC: Maneuver Area Commands
  68. MAC: Manhattan Association of Cabaret
  69. MAC: Manifest Analysis and Certification
  70. MAC: Manufacturers Advisory Correspondence
  71. MAC: Manufacturing Advisory Committee
  72. MAC: Mapping Advisory Committee
  73. MAC: Mapping and Analysis Center
  74. MAC: Mapping Applications Center
  75. MAC: Marginal Abatement Cost
  76. MAC: Maricopa Agricultural Center
  77. MAC: Marine Amphibious Corp
  78. MAC: Maritime Air Communications
  79. MAC: Maritime Area Commander
  80. MAC: Market Access and Compliance
  81. MAC: Maryland Access to Care
  82. MAC: Mass Acceleration Curve
  83. MAC: Massachusetts Advocacy Center
  84. MAC: Massay Agricultural College
  85. MAC: Master Addiction Counselor
  86. MAC: Master Addictions Counselor
  87. MAC: Master of Accounting
  88. MAC: Master of Art Conservation
  89. MAC: Master of Arts in Communications
  90. MAC: Masters Addictions Counselor
  91. MAC: Mater Academy Charter
  92. MAC: Material accountability computer
  93. MAC: Material Accounting Center
  94. MAC: Material accounting system
  95. MAC: Material Accumulation Costing
  96. MAC: Material Acquisition and Control
  97. MAC: Material Air Command
  98. MAC: Materials and coatings
  99. MAC: Materiel Acquisition Command
  100. MAC: Mathematics Access Centre
  101. MAC: Mathematics And Computation
  102. MAC: Matrix-Array Camera
  103. MAC: Maximal aerobic capacity
  104. MAC: Maximal allowable concentration
  105. MAC: Maximum acceptable concentration
  106. MAC: Maximum admissible concentration
  107. MAC: Maximum aerobic capacity
  108. MAC: Maximum Allowable Concentration
  109. MAC: Maximum allowable concentrations
  110. MAC: Maximum Allowable Cost
  111. MAC: Maximum Concentration of Organic
  112. MAC: McLaurin Attendance Center
  113. MAC: Mean aerodynamic center
  114. MAC: Mean Aerodynamic Chord
  115. MAC: Mean Aerodynamic Cord
  116. MAC: Measured attenuation correction
  117. MAC: Measurement and Analysis Center
  118. MAC: Measurement and Analysis Centre
  119. MAC: Media Acces Control
  120. MAC: Media Access Control
  121. MAC: Media Access Controller
  122. MAC: Media-specific Access Control
  123. MAC: Medial arterial calcification
  124. MAC: Medic Access Control
  125. MAC: Medicaid Authorization Card
  126. MAC: Medical Advisory Committee
  127. MAC: Medical Advisory Council
  128. MAC: Medical alert center
  129. MAC: Medicare Administration Contractors
  130. MAC: Medicare Administrative Contractor
  131. MAC: Medicare Administrative Contractors
  132. MAC: Medicare Appeals Council
  133. MAC: Mediterranean Air Command
  134. MAC: Medium Access Control
  135. MAC: Medium access controller
  136. MAC: Member Advisory Committees
  137. MAC: Membership Advisory Committee
  138. MAC: Membrane Applications Center
  139. MAC: Membrane attack complex
  140. MAC: Membrane attack complex of complement
  141. MAC: Membrane attack complexes
  142. MAC: Membranolytic attack complex
  143. MAC: Memorial Academy Charter
  144. MAC: Memory Access Controller
  145. MAC: Memory Administration Center
  146. MAC: Mental Adjustment to Cancer
  147. MAC: Mental Adjustment to Cancer scale
  148. MAC: Message Act Concellation
  149. MAC: Message Authentication Code
  150. MAC: Message Authentication Codes
  151. MAC: Message Authenticity Check
  152. MAC: Message Authentification Code
  153. MAC: Metal Aerosphere Composite
  154. MAC: Metal Arc Cutting
  155. MAC: Metal-Arc Cutting
  156. MAC: Metal-Augmented-Charge
  157. MAC: Methacholine airway challenge
  158. MAC: Methotrexate, actinomycin D and chlorambucil
  159. MAC: Methyl Allyl Chloride
  160. MAC: Michigan Association of Counties
  161. MAC: Micro-Array Computer
  162. MAC: Microcystic adnexal carcinoma
  163. MAC: Microgravity Advisory Committee
  164. MAC: Mid-American Conference
  165. MAC: Mid-arm circumference
  166. MAC: Middle Atlantic Conference
  167. MAC: Middle Atmosphere Cooperation
  169. MAC: Midwestern Athletic Conference
  170. MAC: Military Air Command
  171. MAC: Military Aircraft Command
  172. MAC: Military Airlift Command
  173. MAC: Military Airlift Command's
  174. MAC: Military Areas of Coordination
  175. MAC: Military Armistice Commission
  176. MAC: Military Assistance Command
  177. MAC: Mine Action Center
  178. MAC: Mine Action Centre
  179. MAC: Mineral Area College
  180. MAC: Mineralogical Association of Canada
  181. MAC: Minimal alveolar anesthetic concentration
  182. MAC: Minimal alveolar concentration
  183. MAC: Minimal alveolar concentrations
  184. MAC: Minimal anesthetic concentration
  185. MAC: Minimal antibiotic concentration
  186. MAC: Minimal Auditory Capabilities
  187. MAC: Minimum alveolar anaesthetic concentration
  188. MAC: Minimum alveolar anesthetic concentration
  189. MAC: Minimum alveolar anesthetic concentrations
  190. MAC: Minimum alveolar concentration
  191. MAC: Minimum alveolar concentrations
  192. MAC: Minimum anesthetic concentration
  193. MAC: Minimum antibiotic concentration
  194. MAC: Mining Association of Canada
  195. MAC: Ministers Advisory Council
  197. MAC: Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives
  198. MAC: Ministry of Agriculture and Husbandry
  199. MAC: Missile Advisory Committee
  200. MAC: Missile Analysis Center
  201. MAC: Mission Assignment Coordinator
  202. MAC: Mission Assurance Categories
  203. MAC: Mission Assurance Category
  204. MAC: Mitochondrial active chromosome
  205. MAC: Mitochondrial apoptosis-induced channel
  206. MAC: Mitral annular calcification
  207. MAC: Mitral annular calcium
  208. MAC: Mitral annulus calcification
  209. MAC: Mitral anular calcification
  210. MAC: Mitral anular calcium
  211. MAC: Mitral anulus calcification
  212. MAC: Mixed Armistice Commissions
  213. MAC: Mobile Advisory Council
  214. MAC: Mobile air Conditioner
  215. MAC: Mobile Attenuation Code
  217. MAC: Modified Astler-Coller
  218. MAC: Modified auxiliary closure
  219. MAC: Modular Admissions Committee
  220. MAC: Modulator of adenylate cyclase
  221. MAC: Momentum Accomodation Coefficient
  222. MAC: Monitor and Control
  223. MAC: Monitored Anesthesia Care
  224. MAC: Monitoring, Alarm and Control
  225. MAC: Monograph Acquisition Campaign
  226. MAC: Months after contract
  227. MAC: Monticello Area Community
  228. MAC: Morgan Advanced Ceramics
  229. MAC: Morphology antibody chromosomes
  230. MAC: Morphology-Antibody-Chromosome
  231. MAC: Mortuary Affairs Center
  232. MAC: MOS Associated Circuit
  233. MAC: Most Applications Crash
  234. MAC: Mothers Against Canada
  235. MAC: Mothers Against Circumcision
  236. MAC: Mothers Against Corvis
  237. MAC: Motor Ambulance Company
  238. MAC: Motor Ambulance Convoy
  239. MAC: Motor Ambulance Section
  240. MAC: Mount Aloysius College
  241. MAC: Move, Add, Change
  242. MAC: Moves, Adds and Changes
  243. MAC: Moves, Adds, Changes
  244. MAC: Mult-Agency Contract
  245. MAC: Multi-Access Computer
  246. MAC: Multi-Access Computers
  248. MAC: Multi-Agency Catastrophic
  249. MAC: Multi-agency Coordinating
  250. MAC: Multi-Application Computer
  251. MAC: Multi-Array Correlator
  252. MAC: Multi-Attribute Ceramic
  253. MAC: Multi-instrument Aircraft Campaign
  254. MAC: Multiaccess Computer
  255. MAC: Multimission Applications Concept
  256. MAC: Multiphase Atmospheric Chemistry
  257. MAC: Multiple Access Computer
  258. MAC: Multiple Access Computers
  259. MAC: Multiple Access Control
  260. MAC: Multiple Address Code
  261. MAC: Multiple All-up-round Canister
  262. MAC: Multiple Analog Component
  263. MAC: Multiple Award Contract
  264. MAC: Multiple Award Contracts
  265. MAC: Multiplexed Analog Component
  266. MAC: Multiplexed Analog Components
  267. MAC: Multiplexed analogue component
  268. MAC: Multiplexed Analogue Components
  269. MAC: Multiplier Accumulator Chip
  270. MAC: Multiplier-Accumulator
  271. MAC: Multiplier-Accumulator Chip
  272. MAC: Multiply accumulate
  273. MAC: Multiply-Accumulate
  274. MAC: Multiply/Accumulator Unit
  275. MAC: Multiplying Accumulator
  276. MAC: Multipole Acoustic Log
  277. MAC: Multipurpose Access Client
  278. MAC: Municipal Assistance Corporation
  279. MAC: Mycobacterium avium
  280. MAC: Mycobacterium avium complex
  281. MAC: Mycobacterium avium-intracellulare
  282. MAC: Mycobacterium avium-intracellulare complex
  283. MAC: Mycobacterium avium-Mycobacterium intracellulare complex
  284. MAC: Mycobacterium intracellulare complex
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