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What is "LAC" ? - 119 meanings and definitions

What does LAC mean? The acronym LAC has 119 different meanings.

LAC stands for 119 thing(s):

  1. LAC: L-acetylcarnitine
  2. LAC: L-lactate
  3. LAC: L2tp Access Concentrator
  4. LAC: La Crosse
  5. LAC: La crosse encephalitis
  6. LAC: Labiocervical
  7. LAC: Laboratory for Advanced Computing
  8. LAC: Laccase
  9. LAC: Laceration
  10. LAC: Lacerta
  11. LAC: Lacre
  12. LAC: Lacrimal
  13. LAC: Lactacystin
  14. LAC: Lactase
  15. LAC: Lactate
  16. LAC: Lactation
  17. LAC: Lactic
  18. LAC: Lactic acid
  19. LAC: Lactobacillus acidophilus
  20. LAC: Lactose
  21. LAC: Lactose operon
  22. LAC: Lactulose
  23. LAC: Lacunar infarct
  24. LAC: Lance-Corporal
  25. LAC: LANSCE Advisory Committee
  26. LAC: Lansoprazole, amoxicillin, clarithromycin
  27. LAC: Laparoscopic-assisted colectomy
  28. LAC: Laparoscopy-assisted colectomy
  29. LAC: Large acrocentric chromosome
  30. LAC: Large Anechoic Chamber
  31. LAC: Large Area Collectors
  32. LAC: Large Area Counter
  33. LAC: Large area coverage
  34. LAC: Latest Acquisition Cost
  35. LAC: Latin America and Caribbean
  36. LAC: Latin America and the Caribbean
  37. LAC: Latin American and the Caribbean
  38. LAC: Launch Area Coordinator
  39. LAC: Launch Azimuth Corridor
  40. LAC: Law of Armed Conflict
  41. LAC: Layer Two Tunneling Protocol Access Concentrator
  42. LAC: Leadership Advisory Council
  43. LAC: Leading Aircraftman
  44. LAC: Leading Aircraftsman
  45. LAC: Learning Assistance Center
  46. LAC: Lectin affinity chromatography
  47. LAC: Left atrial circumflex
  48. LAC: Left atrial contraction
  49. LAC: Legislative Action Center
  50. LAC: Legislative Advisory Council
  51. LAC: Legislative Affairs Committee
  52. LAC: Leichtathletikclub
  53. LAC: LEISA Atmospheric Corrector
  54. LAC: Lemon Administrative Committee
  55. LAC: Lesotho Agricultural College
  56. LAC: Levelized annual cost
  57. LAC: Levels of attribution and change
  58. LAC: Libraries and Archives Canada
  59. LAC: Library Advisory Committee
  60. LAC: Library Advisory Council
  61. LAC: Library and Archives Canada
  62. LAC: Library Assistant Certificate
  63. LAC: License Authorization Code
  64. LAC: Licensed Acupuncturist
  65. LAC: Licensed Acupunturist
  66. LAC: Licensed Associate Counselor
  67. LAC: Licentiate of the Apothecaries' Company
  68. LAC: Lifshitz-Allen-Cahn
  69. LAC: Lightning arrester connector
  70. LAC: Limits of Acceptable Change
  71. LAC: Linear Absorption Coefficient
  72. LAC: Linear Algebra C
  73. LAC: Linear Algebra Classes
  74. LAC: Linear Amplifier Circuit
  75. LAC: Linear Array Camera
  76. LAC: Linear attenuation coefficient
  77. LAC: Link Access Control
  78. LAC: Link Admission Control
  79. LAC: Liquid adsorption chromatography
  80. LAC: List of Assessed Contractors
  81. LAC: Litografia Artistica Cartografica
  83. LAC: Load Alternate Character
  84. LAC: Local Access Concentrator
  85. LAC: Local Advisory Committee
  86. LAC: Local Agency Check
  87. LAC: Local Apprenticeship Committee
  88. LAC: Local Area Code
  89. LAC: Local Area Communication
  90. LAC: Local Area Communications
  91. LAC: Local Area Composite
  92. LAC: Local Area Coordinator
  93. LAC: Local Area Cover
  94. LAC: Local Area Coverage
  95. LAC: Local Arrangement Committee
  96. LAC: Local Authority Circular
  97. LAC: Location Area Code
  98. LAC: Lockeed Aircraft Corporation
  99. LAC: Lockheed Aircraft Corporation
  100. LAC: Long arm cast
  101. LAC: Long Run Average Cost
  102. LAC: Long-arm cast
  103. LAC: Looked After Children
  104. LAC: Loop Assignment Center
  105. LAC: Los Alamos Computers
  106. LAC: Los Alamos County
  107. LAC: Los Angeles Clippers
  108. LAC: Los Angeles County
  109. LAC: LOTUS Authorized Consultant
  110. LAC: Lotus Authorized Consultants
  111. LAC: Loudness Adaption Control
  112. LAC: Louisiana Administrative Code
  113. LAC: Low Authority Control
  114. LAC: Lunar Aeronautical Chart
  115. LAC: Lung adenocarcinoma
  116. LAC: Lung adenocarcinoma cells
  117. LAC: Lupus anticoagulant
  118. LAC: Lupus anticoagulants
  119. LAC: Lux-Ampere Characteristics
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