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What is "IAC" ? - 152 meanings and definitions

What does IAC mean? The acronym IAC has 152 different meanings.

IAC stands for 152 thing(s):

  1. IAC: I Am Confused
  2. IAC: I Am Cute
  3. IAC: Identified Alien Crafts
  4. IAC: Idle Air Control
  5. IAC: Image Analysis Center
  6. IAC: Image analysis chip
  7. IAC: Image Analysis Computer
  8. IAC: Image analysis cytometry
  9. IAC: Imagery Architecture Plan
  10. IAC: Imagine Academy Charter
  11. IAC: Immediate Action Checklist
  12. IAC: Immobilized antibody capture
  13. IAC: Immunization Action Coalition
  14. IAC: Immuno-affinity chromatography
  15. IAC: Immunoaffinity chromatography
  16. IAC: Immunoaffinity column
  17. IAC: Immunoaffinity columns
  18. IAC: Impregnated Activated Carbon
  19. IAC: Imunization Action Coalition
  20. IAC: In any case
  21. IAC: Incident Advisory Council
  22. IAC: Independent Accountability Class
  23. IAC: Independent agency captive
  24. IAC: Independent Assurance Contractor
  25. IAC: Indian Airlines
  26. IAC: Indian Airlines Corporation
  27. IAC: Indian Army Corps
  28. IAC: Indirect Air Carrier
  29. IAC: Indirect Air Carriers
  30. IAC: Induced Auger Channeling
  31. IAC: Industrial Accident Commission
  32. IAC: Industrial Application Center
  33. IAC: Industrial Applications Center
  34. IAC: Industrial Arbitration Court
  35. IAC: Industries Assistance Commission
  36. IAC: Industry Advisory Committee
  37. IAC: Industry Advisory Council
  38. IAC: Industry Advisory Council on Surveying and Mapping
  39. IAC: Ineffective airway clearance
  40. IAC: Inferior alveolar canal
  41. IAC: Infinite amplitude clipping
  42. IAC: Informal Advisory Committee
  43. IAC: Information Access Company
  44. IAC: Information Access Corporation
  45. IAC: Information Analysis Center
  46. IAC: Information Analysis Centers
  47. IAC: Information Analysis Centre
  48. IAC: Information-Analytical Centre
  49. IAC: Infrastructure Assurance Center
  50. IAC: Initial Alignment Control
  51. IAC: Initial approach course
  52. IAC: Inner auditory canal
  53. IAC: Inquiry Access Code
  54. IAC: Instantaneous Airborne Count
  55. IAC: Institute for Advanced Commerce
  56. IAC: Institute of Amateur Cinematographers
  57. IAC: Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias
  58. IAC: Instrument Alignment Cube
  59. IAC: Instrument Approach Chart
  60. IAC: Instrument-on-A-Card
  61. IAC: Intake Air Control
  62. IAC: Integrated Access Controller
  63. IAC: Integrated Analysis Capability
  64. IAC: Integrated Assembly and Checkout
  65. IAC: Integrated avionics computer
  66. IAC: Integrating Associate Contractor
  67. IAC: Integration Assembly and Checkout
  68. IAC: Integration, Assembly, Checkout
  69. IAC: Intelligence Advisory Committee
  70. IAC: Intelligence Analysis Cell
  71. IAC: Intelligence Analysis Center
  72. IAC: Intelligence Analyst Course
  73. IAC: Intelligent Asynchronous Controller
  74. IAC: Inter Application Communications
  75. IAC: Inter-Active Controller
  76. IAC: Inter-African Committee on Traditional Practices Affecting the Health of Women and Children
  77. IAC: Inter-agency Contract
  78. IAC: Inter-Agency Council of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities Agencies, Inc.
  79. IAC: Inter-American Conference
  80. IAC: Inter-American Council
  81. IAC: Inter-Application Communication
  82. IAC: Interactive activation and competition
  83. IAC: Interactive Array Computer
  84. IAC: Interactive Asynchronous Controller
  85. IAC: Interactive Synchronous Communications
  86. IAC: Interagency Advisory Committee
  87. IAC: Interagency Advisory Council
  88. IAC: Interagency Coordinator
  89. IAC: Interagent Communication
  90. IAC: Interapplication Communication
  91. IAC: Interconnection Access Code
  92. IAC: Interest Abatement Coordinator
  93. IAC: Interest Adjusted Cost
  94. IAC: Interexchange Access Customer
  95. IAC: Interface Analysis Center
  96. IAC: Interference Absorption Circuit
  97. IAC: Intergovernmental Advisory Committee
  98. IAC: Interim Acceptance Criteria
  99. IAC: Interim Administrative Council
  100. IAC: Interim Advisory Council
  101. IAC: Interior-aleutians Campus
  102. IAC: Internal acoustic canal
  103. IAC: Internal amplification control
  104. IAC: Internal Assistance Capability
  105. IAC: Internal Audio Controller
  106. IAC: Internal auditory canal
  107. IAC: Internal auditory canals
  108. IAC: International Academy of Ceramics
  109. IAC: International Academy of Cytology
  110. IAC: International Access Code
  111. IAC: International Accounting Center
  112. IAC: International Accounting Centre
  113. IAC: International Action Center
  114. IAC: International Activities Committee
  115. IAC: International Administrative Center
  116. IAC: International Advisory Committee
  117. IAC: International Advisory Council
  118. IAC: International Aerological Commission
  119. IAC: International Affairs Committee
  120. IAC: International Affairs Council
  121. IAC: International Agricultural Center
  122. IAC: International Agricultural Centre
  123. IAC: International Agricultural Club
  124. IAC: International AIDS Conference
  125. IAC: International Algebraic Compiler
  126. IAC: International Alloy Conference
  127. IAC: International Analysis Code
  128. IAC: International Antarctic Centre
  129. IAC: International Apple Core
  130. IAC: International Association for Counselling
  131. IAC: International Association for Cybernetics
  132. IAC: International Astronautical Congress
  133. IAC: International AVS Centre
  134. IAC: Internet Access Coalition
  135. IAC: Internet Access Control
  136. IAC: Internet Application Component
  137. IAC: Internet Application Components
  138. IAC: Internet Association of the Carolinas
  139. IAC: Interposed abdominal compression
  140. IAC: Interposed abdominal compressions
  141. IAC: Interpret As Command
  142. IAC: Interrupted Accelerated Cooling
  143. IAC: Intersocietal Accreditation Commission
  144. IAC: Intra-arterial catheter
  145. IAC: Intra-arterial chemotherapy
  146. IAC: Intraarterial infusion chemotherapy
  147. IAC: Invasive adenylate cyclase
  148. IAC: Iodoacetic Acid
  149. IAC: Ion-Assisted Coating
  150. IAC: Iowa Administrative Code
  151. IAC: ISDN Access Controller
  152. IAC: Issuing Agency Code
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