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What is "FAC" ? - 125 meanings and definitions

What does FAC mean? The acronym FAC has 125 different meanings.

FAC stands for 125 thing(s):

  1. FAC: Atlantic Helicopters
  2. FAC: Facere
  3. FAC: Facilities
  4. FAC: Facilities Administration Center
  5. FAC: Facilities Advisory Council
  6. FAC: Facilities Available Conference
  7. FAC: Facility
  8. FAC: Facility Advisory Committee
  9. FAC: Facility Anomaly Chief
  10. FAC: FACility message
  11. FAC: Facility Modifications
  12. FAC: Facility Object
  13. FAC: Facility Requirements Code
  14. FAC: Facsimile
  15. FAC: Factor
  16. FAC: Factorial analysis of correspondence
  17. FAC: Factory
  18. FAC: Factual Report
  19. FAC: Facultative
  20. FAC: Facultative reinsurance
  21. FAC: Faculty
  22. FAC: Faculty Advisory Committee
  23. FAC: Faculty Affairs Committee
  24. FAC: Failure Analysis Committee
  25. FAC: Familial adenomatosis coli
  26. FAC: Family Advisory Committee
  27. FAC: Family Advocacy Committee
  28. FAC: Family Assistance Center
  29. FAC: Fan Alarm Card
  30. FAC: Fanconi Anemia group C
  31. FAC: Fanconi anemia group C gene
  32. FAC: Farnborough Aerospace Consortium
  33. FAC: Fast Access Channel
  34. FAC: Fast Affinity Chromatography
  35. FAC: Fast as can
  36. FAC: Fast Attack Craft
  37. FAC: Fast-Acting Closure
  38. FAC: Feature Access Code
  39. FAC: Feature analysis code
  40. FAC: Featured Article Candidate
  41. FAC: Featured article candidates
  42. FAC: Federal Acquisition Circular
  43. FAC: Federal Acquisition Circulars
  44. FAC: Federal Administrative Charge
  45. FAC: Federal Advisory Committee
  46. FAC: Federal Airports Corporation
  47. FAC: Federal Atomic Commission
  48. FAC: Federal Audiovisual Committee
  49. FAC: Federal Audit Clearinghouse
  50. FAC: Federal Aviation Commission
  51. FAC: Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives
  52. FAC: Federation of Automatic Control
  53. FAC: Fellowship Admissions Course
  54. FAC: Femoral arterial cannulation
  55. FAC: Ferric ammonium citrate
  56. FAC: Fetal abdominal circumference
  57. FAC: Field Accelerator
  58. FAC: Field Advisory Committee
  59. FAC: File Access Channel
  60. FAC: File Access Code
  61. FAC: File Access Codes
  62. FAC: Filter, air, cleanable
  63. FAC: Final acceptance criterion
  64. FAC: Final approach course
  65. FAC: Final assembly code
  67. FAC: Financial and Administrative Committee
  68. FAC: Financial Attack Center
  69. FAC: Fine Arts College
  70. FAC: First Aid Cases
  71. FAC: First Appointment Courses
  72. FAC: First Article Capability
  73. FAC: First Article Configuration
  74. FAC: Flight Assembly Code
  75. FAC: Flight Augmentation Computer
  76. FAC: Florida Adminastrative Code
  77. FAC: Florida Administrative Code
  78. FAC: Flow assisted corrosion
  79. FAC: Fluorescent aromatic compound
  80. FAC: Fluorescent aromatic compounds
  81. FAC: Fluoroacetate
  82. FAC: Fluoroacetic Acid
  83. FAC: Fluorouracil, doxorubicin and cyclophosphamide
  84. FAC: Foamy alveolar cast
  85. FAC: Focal active colitis
  86. FAC: Focal adhesion complex
  87. FAC: Food Advisory Committee
  88. FAC: Food Aid Convention
  89. FAC: Food and Agriculture Committee
  90. FAC: Force Accounting Code
  91. FAC: Forced Authorization Code
  92. FAC: Ford Aerospace Corporation
  93. FAC: Forearm arterial compliance
  94. FAC: Foreign Affairs Canada
  95. FAC: Foreign Air Carrier
  96. FAC: Formerly Abducted Children
  97. FAC: Forward Air Control
  98. FAC: Forward Air Controll
  99. FAC: Forward Air Controller
  100. FAC: Forward Air Controllers
  101. FAC: Forwarding Agent's Commission
  102. FAC: Forwarding Agents Commission
  103. FAC: Fractional area change
  104. FAC: Fractional area changes
  105. FAC: Fractional area of contraction
  106. FAC: Fractured Ac
  107. FAC: Free airway cells
  108. FAC: Free available chlorine
  109. FAC: Freestanding Ambulatory Care
  110. FAC: Freestanding Ambulatory Center
  111. FAC: Freight Assembly Center
  112. FAC: Frequency Allocation Committee
  113. FAC: Friday Afternoon Club
  114. FAC: Frontal affinity chromatography
  115. FAC: Fuel Adjustment Clause
  116. FAC: Functional Account Code
  117. FAC: Functional Account Codes
  118. FAC: Functional Activity Code
  119. FAC: Functional Advisory Committee
  120. FAC: Functional aerobic capacity
  121. FAC: Functional ambulation categories
  122. FAC: Functional Ambulation Category
  123. FAC: Functional Array Calculator
  124. FAC: Funds at completion
  125. FAC: Fuse Arming Computer
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