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What is "EAC" ? - 143 meanings and definitions

What does EAC mean? The acronym EAC has 143 different meanings.

EAC stands for 143 thing(s):

  1. EAC: Ear canal
  2. EAC: Early Action Compact
  3. EAC: Early Action Compacts
  4. EAC: Early Analysis Capability
  5. EAC: Early Arthritis Clinic
  6. EAC: Early arthritis clinics
  7. EAC: Early Attack Characterization
  8. EAC: East Africa Community
  9. EAC: East African Community
  10. EAC: East African Cooperation
  11. EAC: East African Countries
  12. EAC: East Asia Council
  13. EAC: East Australian Current
  14. EAC: Eastern Air Command
  15. EAC: Eastern Application Center
  16. EAC: Eastern Area Command
  17. EAC: Eastern Arizona College
  18. EAC: Echelon Above Corps
  19. EAC: Echelons Above Corps
  20. EAC: Economic Adjustment Committee
  21. EAC: Economic Advisory Council
  22. EAC: Education Affairs Committee
  24. EAC: EEC Advisory Council
  25. EAC: Effective-Address Calculation
  26. EAC: Ehrlich ascite carcinoma
  27. EAC: Ehrlich ascites cancer
  28. EAC: Ehrlich ascites carcinoma
  29. EAC: Ehrlich ascites carcinoma cells
  30. EAC: Ehrlich ascitic carcinoma
  31. EAC: Ehrlich's ascites carcinoma
  32. EAC: Election Assistance Commission
  33. EAC: Electrical Application Committee
  34. EAC: Electricity Advisory Committee
  35. EAC: Electroacupuncture
  37. EAC: Electronic Air Control
  38. EAC: Electronic Analog Computer
  39. EAC: Ellipsoid-associated cell
  40. EAC: Ellipsoid-associated cells
  41. EAC: Emerald Agricultural College
  42. EAC: Emergency action
  43. EAC: Emergency action committee
  44. EAC: Emergency Action Console
  45. EAC: Emergency Action Consoles
  46. EAC: Emmanuel Anglican College
  47. EAC: Employee Action Circle
  48. EAC: Employee Activities Committee
  49. EAC: Employee Advisory Committee
  50. EAC: Employee advisory council
  51. EAC: Encoded Archival Context
  53. EAC: Encore Acquisition Company
  54. EAC: Encyclopedia of Analytical Chemistry
  55. EAC: Endocrine-active compound
  56. EAC: Endometrial adenocarcinoma
  57. EAC: Endometrioid adenocarcinoma
  58. EAC: Energy Absorbing Capacity
  59. EAC: Energy absorption capacity
  60. EAC: Energy Accomodation Coefficient
  61. EAC: Energy Advisory Committee
  62. EAC: Energy-Absorbing Capacity
  63. EAC: Enforcement Advisory Council
  64. EAC: Engine/Airframe Compatibility
  65. EAC: Engineering Accreditation Commission
  66. EAC: Engineering Action Center
  67. EAC: Engineering Affairs Council
  68. EAC: Engineering Analysis Capability
  69. EAC: Engineering Applications Center
  70. EAC: Engineering Assistance Contract
  71. EAC: Enhanced Analyst Client
  72. EAC: Enhanced Audio CODEC
  73. EAC: Enhanced Audio Coding
  74. EAC: Enhancements Advisory Committee
  75. EAC: Enterprise Application Consulting
  76. EAC: Enterprise Architecture Council
  77. EAC: Enterprise Attendance Center
  78. EAC: Environmental Action Coalition
  79. EAC: Environmental Aeroscience Corporation
  80. EAC: Environmental Assistance Center
  81. EAC: Environmental assisted cracking
  82. EAC: Environmental Audit Committee
  83. EAC: Environmentally Assisted Cracking
  84. EAC: Epithelioma adenoides cysticum
  85. EAC: Equipment Activities Controller
  86. EAC: Equivalent Annual Cost
  87. EAC: Error Alert Control
  88. EAC: Erythema annulare centrifugum
  89. EAC: Erythema annulari centrifugum
  90. EAC: Erythrocyte, antibody, complement
  91. EAC: Erythrocyte-antibody-complement complex
  92. EAC: Erythrocyte-antibody-complement complexes
  93. EAC: Esophageal acid clearance
  94. EAC: Esophageal adenocarcinoma
  95. EAC: Essential Academics Classroom
  96. EAC: Estimate at Completion
  97. EAC: Estimate of Completion
  98. EAC: Estimated Acquisition Cost
  99. EAC: Estimated Cost At Completion
  100. EAC: Estimates at Completion
  101. EAC: Estimates-at-completion
  102. EAC: Estimation At Completion
  103. EAC: Ethyl alcohol consumption
  104. EAC: Euro-Asia Centre
  105. EAC: Europe Against Cancer
  106. EAC: European Accreditation of Certification
  107. EAC: European Activity Committee
  108. EAC: European Advocacy Committee
  109. EAC: European Agency for Cooperation
  110. EAC: European Airshow Council
  111. EAC: European Aminocarboxylates Committee
  112. EAC: European Astronaut Center
  113. EAC: European Astronaut Centre
  114. EAC: European Astronaut Corps
  115. EAC: European Astronautic Center
  116. EAC: European Astronauts Center
  117. EAC: European Astronauts Centre
  118. EAC: Evaluation Analysis Center
  119. EAC: Evaluation and Analysis Center
  120. EAC: Executive Administrative Center
  121. EAC: Executive Advisory Committee
  122. EAC: Executive Advisory Council
  123. EAC: Executive Air Charter
  124. EAC: Executive Associate Commissioner
  125. EAC: Exercise and Activities Conference
  126. EAC: Exhaled air condensate
  127. EAC: Expect Approach Clearance
  128. EAC: Expected Approach Clearance
  129. EAC: Expedition Advisory Center
  130. EAC: Expeditions Advisory Centre
  131. EAC: Expended in activity
  132. EAC: Experiment Apparatus Container
  133. EAC: Experiment Appartus Container
  134. EAC: Experimental Airworthiness Certificate
  135. EAC: Experimental Apparatus Canister
  136. EAC: Experimental Apparatus Container
  137. EAC: Expired air condensate
  138. EAC: Extended Arm Contract
  139. EAC: External Advisory Committee
  140. EAC: External Affairs Canada
  141. EAC: External auditory canal
  142. EAC: Extranet Access Client
  143. EAC: Eye anterior chamber
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