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What is "CPP" ? - 149 meanings and definitions

What does CPP mean? The acronym CPP has 149 different meanings.

CPP stands for 149 thing(s):

  1. CPP: C Plus Plus
  2. CPP: C preprocessor
  3. CPP: C++ File
  4. CPP: C-peptide positive
  5. CPP: Cable Patch Panel
  6. CPP: Calcium phosphate precipitation
  7. CPP: Calcium polyphosphate
  8. CPP: Calcium pyroantimonate precipitates
  9. CPP: Calcium pyrophosphate
  10. CPP: Call Processing Protocol
  11. CPP: Calling Party Pays
  12. CPP: Cambodian People's Party
  13. CPP: Camouflage Pattern Printing
  14. CPP: Canada Pension Plan
  15. CPP: Cancer proneness phenotype
  16. CPP: Canine pancreatic polypeptide
  17. CPP: Capital Purchase Program
  19. CPP: Career Planning and Placement
  20. CPP: Caribbean Policy Project
  21. CPP: Casein phosphopeptide
  22. CPP: Casein phosphopeptides
  23. CPP: Caseinophosphopeptide
  24. CPP: Caseinophosphopeptides
  26. CPP: Cell penetrating peptide
  27. CPP: Cell penetrating peptides
  28. CPP: Cement Plaster Painted
  29. CPP: Center for Plutonium Production
  30. CPP: Center for Preventive Psychiatry
  31. CPP: Central precocious puberty
  32. CPP: Central Processing Peripheral
  33. CPP: Central Processing Point
  34. CPP: Centralized Postage Payment
  35. CPP: Cepstral peak prominence
  36. CPP: CERCLA past practice
  37. CPP: Cerebral perfusion pressure
  38. CPP: Cerebral perfusion pressures
  39. CPP: Cerebral Perfusion Pressurs
  40. CPP: Certifcate of Pharmaceutical Product
  41. CPP: Certification Project Plan
  42. CPP: Certified Payroll Professional
  43. CPP: Certified Polarity Practitioner
  44. CPP: Certified Protection Professional
  45. CPP: Certified Purchasing Professional
  46. CPP: Characters Per Pica
  47. CPP: Charge-perturbation-polarizability
  48. CPP: Chemical Power Plant
  49. CPP: Chemical Processing Plant
  50. CPP: Chemical processing programs
  51. CPP: Chemical production processes
  52. CPP: Chest pain policy
  53. CPP: Choroid plexus papilloma
  54. CPP: Choroid plexus papillomas
  55. CPP: Chronic pain patient
  56. CPP: Chronic pelvic pain
  57. CPP: Chronic pigmented purpura
  58. CPP: Chronic plaque psoriasis
  59. CPP: Civilian personnel pamphlet
  60. CPP: Civilian Personnel Policy
  61. CPP: Claimant Program Proposal
  62. CPP: Clean petroleum products
  63. CPP: Close Personal Protection
  64. CPP: Cloud photopolarimeter
  65. CPP: Clutch Pedal Position
  66. CPP: Coal power plants
  67. CPP: Coal Preparation Plant
  68. CPP: Cocaine-conditioned place preference
  69. CPP: Coherent Plume Pattern
  70. CPP: Collaboration Partner Profile
  71. CPP: Collaboration Protocol Profile
  72. CPP: Collaboration Protocol Profiles
  73. CPP: Collaborative Perinatal Project
  74. CPP: College Of Physicians Of Philadelphia
  75. CPP: Colored Picture Postcard
  76. CPP: Combination Pilot Project
  77. CPP: Combinet Packet Protocol
  78. CPP: Combinet Proprietary Protocol
  79. CPP: Command Post Platform
  80. CPP: Command Program Processor
  81. CPP: Commercial property program
  82. CPP: Commodity Parallel Processor
  83. CPP: Common Peripheral Processor
  84. CPP: Common Post Platform
  85. CPP: Common Profile for Presence
  86. CPP: Common Profiles for Presence
  87. CPP: Common Protective Policy
  88. CPP: Communications Patch Panel
  89. CPP: Communications Protocol Processor
  90. CPP: Communist Party of the Philippines
  91. CPP: Community Partnership Program
  92. CPP: Community Protection Program
  93. CPP: Community Public Partnership
  94. CPP: Competitive Placement Plan
  95. CPP: Complete package pricing
  96. CPP: Complex privatization plan
  97. CPP: Compliance Policy and Planning
  98. CPP: Component Project Plan
  99. CPP: Comprehensive Personality Profile
  100. CPP: Comprehensive Post Partum
  101. CPP: Computer Professional for Peace
  102. CPP: Computer Protection Program
  103. CPP: Concurrent Plans Processing
  104. CPP: Conditioned place preference
  105. CPP: Conditioned place preferences
  106. CPP: Conditioning place preference
  107. CPP: Conductive Plastic Potentiometer
  108. CPP: Congolese Physicians for Peace
  109. CPP: Constant Purchasing Power
  110. CPP: Consulting Psychologists Press, Inc.
  111. CPP: Containment Pressure Protection
  112. CPP: Continuing Planning Process
  113. CPP: Continuous positive pressure
  114. CPP: Controllable Pitch Propeller
  115. CPP: Controllable Pitch Propellers
  116. CPP: Cordless Portable Part
  117. CPP: Core Polarization Potential
  118. CPP: Coronary perfusion pressure
  119. CPP: Coronary perfusion pressures
  120. CPP: Corporate Preview Program
  121. CPP: Corporate Preview Programs
  122. CPP: Cost Per Performance
  123. CPP: Council of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapists
  124. CPP: Countywide Planning Policy
  125. CPP: Creative Partnerships for Prevention
  126. CPP: Credentialed Prevention Professional
  127. CPP: Creoles and Pidgins, Portuguesebased
  128. CPP: Critical Peak Pricing
  129. CPP: Critical Performance Parameter
  130. CPP: Critical Pitting Potential
  131. CPP: Critical Process Parameter
  132. CPP: Crop protection product
  133. CPP: Crop Protection Programme
  134. CPP: Crossed phrenic phenomenon
  135. CPP: Cryoprecipitable proteins
  136. CPP: Cryoprecipitated plasma
  137. CPP: Cryptographically Protected Prefixes
  138. CPP: Cultural Projects Program
  139. CPP: Curie-Point Pyrolysis
  140. CPP: Current Papers in Physics
  141. CPP: Current Problems in Pediatrics
  142. CPP: Current Purchasing Power
  143. CPP: Customer Partnership Program
  144. CPP: Customer Preview Program
  145. CPP: Cyclone Preparedness Programme
  146. CPP: Cyclopentapyrene
  147. CPP: Cyclophosphamide
  148. CPP: Cysteine protease protein
  149. CPP: Cytosolic phosphorylation potential
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