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What is "CCM" ? - 172 meanings and definitions

What does CCM mean? The acronym CCM has 172 different meanings.

CCM stands for 172 thing(s):

  1. CCM: Caffeine Clearance Measurement
  2. CCM: Calcium citrate malate
  3. CCM: California College of Medicine
  5. CCM: Call Connection Management
  6. CCM: Call Count Meter
  7. CCM: Canada Center for Mapping
  8. CCM: Canada Centre for Mapping
  9. CCM: Canadian College of Microbiologists
  10. CCM: Canadian Committee on MARC
  12. CCM: Capacitance model
  13. CCM: Capacitation medium
  14. CCM: Carbon Ceramic Material
  15. CCM: Carbon-concentrating mechanism
  16. CCM: Cardiovascular malformations
  17. CCM: Caribbean Common Market
  18. CCM: Cation Chelating Mechanism
  19. CCM: Cell Culture Module
  20. CCM: Cell-conditioned medium
  21. CCM: Cellular cardiomyoplasty
  22. CCM: Center Council Meeting
  23. CCM: Center for Case Management
  24. CCM: Center for Comparative Medicine
  25. CCM: Center for Composite Materials
  26. CCM: Center for Composites Manufacturing
  27. CCM: Central Control Module
  28. CCM: Central Customer Manager
  29. CCM: Cerebral cavernous malformation
  30. CCM: Cerebral cavernous malformations
  31. CCM: Cerium Calcium Manganate
  32. CCM: Certified Case Manager
  33. CCM: Certified Cash Manager
  34. CCM: Certified Construction Manager
  35. CCM: Certified Crane Manufacturer
  36. CCM: Chagasic cardiomyopathy
  37. CCM: Chagasic myocarditis
  38. CCM: Chain Crossing Model
  39. CCM: Change & Configuration Management
  40. CCM: Change and Configuration Management
  41. CCM: Change Configuration Management
  42. CCM: Change Control Manager
  43. CCM: Channel Change Message
  44. CCM: Channeling Contrast Microscopy
  45. CCM: Charge Collection Microscopy
  46. CCM: Charge Coupled Memory
  47. CCM: Chassis Control Module
  48. CCM: Chemical cleavage of mismatch
  49. CCM: Chemical cleavage of mismatches
  50. CCM: Chicago Cyclotron Magnet
  51. CCM: Choice model
  52. CCM: Christian Council of Mozambique
  53. CCM: Chromium-Cobalt-Molybdenum
  54. CCM: Chromosome Coordinating Meeting
  55. CCM: Chronic Care Model
  56. CCM: Cincinnati Conservatory Of Music
  57. CCM: Circuit Supervision Message
  58. CCM: Cis,cis-muconate
  59. CCM: Clear cell meningioma
  60. CCM: Client Configuration Manager
  61. CCM: Client Connection Manager
  62. CCM: Climate Control Module
  63. CCM: Close Combat Marine
  64. CCM: Close-combat missile
  65. CCM: Cluster Console Manager
  66. CCM: CO-concentrating mechanism
  67. CCM: CO2-concentrating mechanism
  68. CCM: Coalition of Catalog Mailers
  69. CCM: Cobalt-Chromium-Molybdenum
  70. CCM: Cold Crucible Melter
  71. CCM: Collection of Microorganisms
  72. CCM: College City Marshal
  73. CCM: Columbia College of Missouri
  74. CCM: Combined Cipher Machine
  75. CCM: Combined Cypher Machine
  76. CCM: Comitato Collaborazione Medica
  77. CCM: Command Chief Master-Sergeant
  78. CCM: Command Control Module
  79. CCM: Common Cap Module
  80. CCM: Common Control Module
  81. CCM: Communication Channel Management
  82. CCM: Communication control module
  84. CCM: Communications Control Module
  85. CCM: Communications Controller Multichannel
  86. CCM: Communications Countermeasures
  87. CCM: Community Climate Model
  88. CCM: Community Corrections Manager
  89. CCM: Community Cost Model
  90. CCM: Companies Commission of Malaysia
  91. CCM: Company Control Manager
  92. CCM: Complaint and Concern Management
  93. CCM: Completed Controlling Method
  94. CCM: Complex Call Model
  95. CCM: Complex coordinate method
  96. CCM: Compliance Control Model
  97. CCM: Complicated case management
  98. CCM: Composite Call Model
  99. CCM: Composite Change Memo
  100. CCM: Composite Crew Module
  101. CCM: Comprehensive Case Management
  102. CCM: Comprehensive Client Management
  103. CCM: Comprehensive Client Manager
  104. CCM: Comprehensive Component Monitor
  105. CCM: Computational Chemistry and Materials
  106. CCM: Computational Chemistry and Materials Science
  107. CCM: Computational Cluster Monitor
  108. CCM: Computer Containment Module
  109. CCM: Computer-Coupled Machine
  110. CCM: Computerised Call Market
  111. CCM: Computerized Call Market
  112. CCM: Concentrating mechanism
  113. CCM: Concentric Cylinder Model
  114. CCM: Concordia College-Moorhead
  115. CCM: Concurrency Control Mechanism
  116. CCM: Conditioned culture medium
  117. CCM: Conference Commonwealth Meteorologists
  118. CCM: Conference of Commonwealth Meteorologists
  119. CCM: Configuration Change Manager
  120. CCM: Configuration Control Manager
  121. CCM: Congenital cardiovascular malformations
  122. CCM: Congestive cardiomyopathy
  123. CCM: Connecticut Conference of Municipalities
  124. CCM: Connection Control Message
  125. CCM: Constant Coding and Modulation
  126. CCM: Constellation Community Middle
  127. CCM: Contemporary Christian Music
  128. CCM: Content and Collaboration Management
  129. CCM: Contextual choice model
  130. CCM: Continues Code Management
  131. CCM: Continuity Check Messages
  132. CCM: Continuous chirality measure
  133. CCM: Continuous Core Measurements
  134. CCM: Contractility modulation
  135. CCM: Controlled Carrier Modulation
  136. CCM: Controlled Correspondence Manager
  137. CCM: Convenience Charge Module
  138. CCM: Cooperative Countermeasures
  139. CCM: Corba Component Mode
  140. CCM: CORBA Component Model
  141. CCM: Corse-Mediterranee
  142. CCM: Council of Communication Management
  143. CCM: Counter Counter-Measures
  144. CCM: Counter with CBC-MAC
  145. CCM: Counter-Counter Mmeasure
  146. CCM: Counter-countermeasure
  147. CCM: Counter-Countermeasures
  148. CCM: Country Coordinating Mechanism
  149. CCM: County College of Morris
  150. CCM: Coupled-Cluster Method
  151. CCM: Crew and Command Module
  152. CCM: Crew/Cargo Module
  153. CCM: Criteria Committee Meeting
  154. CCM: Critical care medicine
  155. CCM: Critical Condition Management
  156. CCM: Cross Connection Management
  157. CCM: Cross Country Mobility
  158. CCM: Cross Country Movement
  159. CCM: Cross-Connect Multiplexor
  160. CCM: Cross-Correlation Matrix
  161. CCM: Cross-Correlation Method
  162. CCM: Cross-country mobility
  163. CCM: Cross-Country Movement
  164. CCM: Crucible Ceramic Mold
  165. CCM: Current Call Meter
  166. CCM: Custom Computing Machine
  167. CCM: Customer Configuration Management
  168. CCM: Customer Contact Manager
  169. CCM: Customer Control and Management
  170. CCM: Cybergraphic's Component Manager
  171. CCM: Cyclic cluster model
  172. CCM: Cytochrome c maturation
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