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What is "CAB" ? - 109 meanings and definitions

What does CAB mean? The acronym CAB has 109 different meanings.

CAB stands for 109 thing(s):

  1. CAB: Cabbage
  2. CAB: Cabbies Against Bush
  3. CAB: Cabela's Inc
  4. CAB: Cabergoline
  5. CAB: Cabin
  6. CAB: Cabin Operations
  7. CAB: Cabinet
  8. CAB: Cabinet file
  9. CAB: Cable Advertising Bureau
  10. CAB: Cabnet Files
  11. CAB: Cabriolet
  12. CAB: Calbindin
  13. CAB: Calbindin-D28k
  14. CAB: Cambridge apraxia battery
  16. CAB: Campus Activities Board
  17. CAB: Canadian Accreditation Board
  18. CAB: Canadian Association of Broadcasters
  19. CAB: Canadian Automated Building
  20. CAB: Captive Air Bubble
  21. CAB: Captured Air Bubble
  22. CAB: Carbonic anhydrase B
  23. CAB: Carbonic anhydrase from bovine
  24. CAB: Carotid artery bruit
  25. CAB: Cathepsin B
  26. CAB: Cation Antiphase Boundary
  27. CAB: CCSM Advisory Board
  28. CAB: CECOM Acquisition Board
  29. CAB: Cellulose acetate buterate
  30. CAB: Cellulose Acetate Butyrate
  31. CAB: Central Address Book
  32. CAB: Centro Atómico Bariloche
  33. CAB: Centrosome-attracting body
  34. CAB: Chamber Access Bay
  35. CAB: Change Advisory Board
  36. CAB: Cheap ass bastard
  37. CAB: Cheap Ass Bitch
  38. CAB: Chesapeake Air Service
  39. CAB: Chlorambucil
  40. CAB: Chlorophyll a/b binding
  41. CAB: Chlorophyll a/b binding protein
  42. CAB: Chromogranin A and B
  43. CAB: Chromosome aberration
  44. CAB: Chronic asthmatic bronchitis
  45. CAB: Citizen Advisory Board
  46. CAB: Citizens Advice Bureau
  47. CAB: Citizens Advise Bureau
  48. CAB: Citizens Advisory Board
  49. CAB: Citizens' Advice Bureau
  50. CAB: Citizens' Advisory Board
  51. CAB: Civil Aeronautical Board
  52. CAB: Civil Aeronautics Board
  53. CAB: Civil Affairs Battalion
  54. CAB: Civil Affairs Branch
  55. CAB: Civil Affairs Brigade
  56. CAB: Civil Aviation Board
  57. CAB: Civil Aviation Bureau
  58. CAB: Civilian Advisory Board
  59. CAB: Climate Analysis Branch
  61. CAB: Combat Action Badge
  62. CAB: Combat Action Badges
  63. CAB: Combat aviation battalion
  64. CAB: Combat Aviation Brigade
  65. CAB: Combat Aviation Brigade's
  66. CAB: Combination of atomic boxes
  67. CAB: Combined androgen blockade
  68. CAB: Combined Arms Battalion
  69. CAB: Command & Attack Battalion
  70. CAB: Command aviation battalion
  71. CAB: Common Avionics Baseline
  72. CAB: Commonwealth Agricultural Bureau
  73. CAB: Communications Adapter Board
  74. CAB: Community Advisory Board
  75. CAB: Competitive Analysis Benchmarking
  76. CAB: Complement Activation Blocker
  77. CAB: Complete androgen blockade
  78. CAB: Compliance Advisory Board
  79. CAB: Comprehensive Ability Battery
  80. CAB: Compressed Application Binary
  81. CAB: Computer Address Bus
  82. CAB: Concord Academy Boyne
  83. CAB: Configurable Analogue Blocks
  84. CAB: Conformity Assessment Board
  85. CAB: Conformity Assessment Body
  86. CAB: Congregation of Alexian Brothers
  87. CAB: Consumer Advisory Board
  88. CAB: Consumers' Advisory Board
  89. CAB: Continental arc basalt
  90. CAB: Contract Adjustment Board
  91. CAB: Contract Award Board
  92. CAB: Controller Antilock Brakes
  93. CAB: Controller, Antilock Brake
  94. CAB: Conventional Acoustic Beamformer
  95. CAB: Conventional amphotericin B
  96. CAB: Core and bond
  97. CAB: Coronary artery bypass
  98. CAB: Coronary artery bypass surgery
  99. CAB: Corporate Advisory Board
  100. CAB: Corrective Action Board
  101. CAB: Cost Analysis Brief
  102. CAB: Cost Audit Board
  103. CAB: Crestal alveolar bone
  104. CAB: Critical Air Blast
  105. CAB: Current Analysis Branch
  106. CAB: Current Awareness Bibliography
  107. CAB: Current Awareness Bulletin
  108. CAB: Customer Advisory Board
  109. CAB: Customer Awareness Board
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