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What is "BAC" ? - 126 meanings and definitions

What does BAC mean? The acronym BAC has 126 different meanings.

BAC stands for 126 thing(s):

  1. BAC: BAC Leasing Limited
  2. BAC: Baccalaureat
  3. BAC: Bachelor of Acupuncture
  4. BAC: Bacillus
  5. BAC: Bacitracin
  6. BAC: Back Association of Canada
  7. BAC: Back At Computer
  8. BAC: Back Course
  9. BAC: Baclofen
  10. BAC: Bacteria
  11. BAC: Bacterial adherent colony
  12. BAC: Bacterial antigen complex
  13. BAC: Bacterial artificial chromosomal
  14. BAC: Bacterial artificial chromosome
  15. BAC: Bacterial artificial chromosomes
  16. BAC: Bacteriocins
  17. BAC: Bad Ass Chick
  18. BAC: Bad Assed Chick
  19. BAC: Balanced Asynchronous Class
  20. BAC: Baltimore Claws
  22. BAC: Bank of America Corporation
  23. BAC: Base Advice Centres
  24. BAC: Base Area Command
  25. BAC: Basic Access Control
  26. BAC: Basic Air Control
  27. BAC: Basic Airborne Course
  28. BAC: Basque Autonomous Community
  29. BAC: Battle Area Clearance
  30. BAC: Battle Assault Course
  31. BAC: Beam Attenuation Coefficient
  32. BAC: Behavior adjustment class
  33. BAC: Bell Aerospace Company
  34. BAC: Belmont Abbey College
  35. BAC: Beneficiary Advisory Committee
  36. BAC: Benzalkonium chloride
  37. BAC: Benzoic Acid
  38. BAC: Benzyldimethylalkylammonium chloride
  39. BAC: Benzyldimethyltetradecylammonium chloride
  40. BAC: Bicycle Advisory Committee
  41. BAC: Bilateral Agreement Conference
  42. BAC: Bile acid concentration
  43. BAC: Billing Action Code
  44. BAC: Billing and Collection
  46. BAC: Bio Affinity Company
  47. BAC: Biological activated carbon
  48. BAC: Biologically activated carbon
  49. BAC: Biologically active compounds
  50. BAC: Bioremediation Action Committee
  51. BAC: Biosphere-Atmosphere Chemistry
  52. BAC: Biotechnology Advisory Committee
  53. BAC: Bistatic Anechoic Chamber
  54. BAC: Block-Acknowledged Counter
  56. BAC: Blood Alcohol Concentration
  57. BAC: Blood alcohol concentrations
  58. BAC: Blood Alcohol Content
  59. BAC: Blood ethanol concentrations
  60. BAC: Board Advisory Committee
  61. BAC: Boeing Aerospace Co.
  62. BAC: Boeing Aerospace Company
  63. BAC: Boeing Aerospace Corporation
  64. BAC: Boeing Aircraft Co.
  65. BAC: Boeing Aircraft Company
  66. BAC: Boeing Airplane Company
  67. BAC: Bond additive corrections
  68. BAC: Bond Additivity Correction
  69. BAC: Booster Assembly Contractor
  70. BAC: Bordeaux Astrographic Catalog
  71. BAC: Boric acid concentrator
  72. BAC: Boston Architectural Center
  73. BAC: Bovine adrenal cells
  74. BAC: Bovine adrenal chromaffin
  75. BAC: Bovine adrenal fasciculata cells
  76. BAC: Bovine adrenocortical
  77. BAC: Bovine adrenocortical cells
  78. BAC: Bovine articular chondrocyte
  79. BAC: Bovine articular chondrocytes
  80. BAC: Brain Attack Coalition
  81. BAC: Branch to Alpha Centauri
  82. BAC: Breast arterial calcification
  83. BAC: Breast Augmentation Classification
  84. BAC: Breath alcohol concentration
  85. BAC: Breathing Air Compressor
  86. BAC: Bricklayers and Allied Craftsmen
  87. BAC: British Accreditation Council for Independent Further and Higher Education
  88. BAC: British Advanced Certificate
  89. BAC: British Aerospace Corporation
  90. BAC: British Air Commission
  91. BAC: British Aircraft Corp
  92. BAC: British Aircraft Corporation
  93. BAC: British Ammunition Column
  94. BAC: British Association of Chemists
  95. BAC: British Association of Counselling
  96. BAC: Broad Area Chaff
  97. BAC: Broad Area Coverage
  98. BAC: Broadband Access Center
  99. BAC: Broadband Assurance Contact
  100. BAC: Bronchioalveolar carcinoma
  101. BAC: Bronchioloalveolar adenocarcinoma
  102. BAC: Bronchioloalveolar carcinoma
  103. BAC: Bronchioloalveolar carcinomas
  104. BAC: Bronchioloalveolar cell carcinoma
  105. BAC: Bronchioloalveolar lung carcinoma
  106. BAC: Bronchoalveolar carcinoma
  107. BAC: Bronchoalveolar cells
  108. BAC: Broughton Anglican College
  109. BAC: Budget Activity Code
  110. BAC: Budget Advisory Committee
  111. BAC: Budget at Completion
  112. BAC: Budgeted Activity Code
  113. BAC: Budgeted Cost at Completion
  114. BAC: Buffer Access Card
  115. BAC: Buffer Address Counter
  116. BAC: Building Assessment Coordinator
  117. BAC: Bunker Adjustment Charge
  118. BAC: Bus Access Circuit
  119. BAC: Bus Access Controller
  120. BAC: Business Action Center
  121. BAC: Business Advisory Council
  122. BAC: Business Archives Council
  123. BAC: Business Associate Contract
  124. BAC: Business Availability Center
  125. BAC: By Any Chance
  126. BAC: By-Pass Air Control
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